Recipe cherry jam , red currants

Cherry has a low generousity properties, so adding other berries, in particular red currant gives the jam a firmer texture. To make jam from cherries and red currants, it is necessary to take the following products:
- 1 kg of cherries;
- 500 g red currants;
- 1,8 kg of sugar.

First of all, very carefully wash the cherries under running water. Then remove the bones and RUB the berries through a sieve.

Of washed currants, remove seeds, then pour in 50-125 ml of hot boiled water and cook the currants over low heat until thick.

To the pureed cherries, add 150 ml hot water and cook for 15 minutes. After this time add part of sugar and boil the mass for another 15 minutes with constant stirring.

Then cooked cherry jam add cooked ground them currant. Stir in the remaining sugar and cook the jam until tender, which can be defined for the drop. If it is on the plate does not spread the jam.

Put the hot jam in clean sterile banks. Roll them, then turn upside down and let cool.

Recipe cherry jam in a slow cooker

Useful for making cherry jam in multivarka you will need:
- 1 kg of cherries;
- 1 kg of sugar;
- 500 ml of water;
- 5-6 grams of pectin;
- 1 teaspoon of tartaric acid.

Cherry loop, then rinse thoroughly and remove from the berries of the bones. Cherry jam, decided to prepare without them, while the bones give the preserves and jam a special flavor and taste. Therefore, to improve the taste of extracted from the berries of the bones cover with cold water so that it barely covers them, and boil for a few minutes on the fire. Then received a strain broth and use for cooking jam instead of water.

Boil sugar and water (or broth of cherry) syrup in the mode "Stewing" for 10-15 minutes. Then in boiling syrup put prepared cherries and pectin are pre-mixed with 6-8 grams of sugar dissolved in a little water.

On the control panel of the multicooker set the mode "Stewing", and the timer time is 2 hours. Cook cherry jam, not stirring it, so the berries have retained its integrity. In the process of cooking do not forget to remove the spoon the resulting foam.

When the berries are soft and syrup begins to heliroute, add tartaric acid. This should be done 2-3 minutes before the end of cooking. Then remove the finished jam from the heat, cool a little, raspakujte in sterile jars and sealed will sealed.