White mushroom, Dubovik, raincoat

Mesh white fungus. The skin on hat light brown, matte, velvety, dry. Dense white flesh, the cut is not changed. Odor fungal, taste sweet or slightly nutty. Thick and fleshy stalk, tapering upwards. It has a brown color and mesh pattern of lighter streaks. Edible mushroom, can be eaten even raw.

Speckled Dubovik. His hat resembles the rounded pillow. Velvety to the touch, rarely mucous, dark brown or almost black. May have an olive tint, with pressure darkens. Flesh yellowish colour on the cut becomes greenish-blue, has no smell. Leg in the form of a cylinder or barrel, thickened downwards. Color yellow-red, with scales or dots. This fungus can be used in foods after otwarci.

Dubovik Kehl. Curved convex hat with a chestnut-brown skin, smooth and dry. Meaty firm flesh has a yellowish color and turning blue on the cut. Stem thickened at the base, smooth and without pattern, yellow-brown. For consumption it is necessary to fry, contains gut irritating substances.

The rain cover. Fruit body has the form of clubs, up to 9 cm in height. Surrounded by outgrowths of the shell, resembling spikes. Edible only young mushrooms, they are white.

Boletus, honey agaric, half-white mushroom may mushroom

Xerocomus green. It has a convex velvety hat greyish or olive tinge. The flesh is white, slight blue discoloration on the cut. Stem thin, smooth, with dark mesh. This edible mushroom.

Xerocomus red. Cushion hat in adulthood can kill, has a deep red color, with a yellow border. Crisp and yellow flesh, the slight blue discoloration on the cut. Slim leg, reddish at the base, covered with scales. Edible mushroom with a pleasant smell and subtle taste.

Summer honey agaric can be found in the middle of spring. Has almost a flat cap with a nipple, mucous skin is a honey-yellow color. Thin watery flesh, the smell of wood, light yellow-brown. Tight slim leg with small scales. This edible mushroom.

Tolstonogov Armillaria. Cap convex or flat, yellow or brown. Dense white flesh, light stalk much thickened at the base. Edible mushroom.

Half-white mushroom has a convex smooth hat clay-colored. The flesh is heavy and dense, on the cut does not change. Color from white to yellow, sweet taste. The stem has a rough surface, thick at the base color is darker. Edible mushroom with high gustatory qualities.

May ryadovka. Hat Gorbulina, fibrous, with age becomes of a creamy white. White flesh is thick with the smell of flour, a cylindrical stem yellowish. Is the edible mushroom.