What is the danger of ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy the fertilized egg do not gets in the uterus. Attaching to the wall of the fallopian tube, it begins to develop there, causing it to rupture. This is a serious complication threatening the woman's life. When you break the fallopian tube develops a massive intra-abdominal bleeding, which is manifested by sharp stabbing abdominal pain, drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness. If time does not help, a woman can die.

In order to timely detect the risks, a woman should in the early stages to be registered on pregnancy in the antenatal clinic. On the basis of laboratory tests, medical examination and additional tests, the doctor will be able to suspect the deviation in the course of pregnancy and to take appropriate action without waiting for a rupture of the fallopian tube.

With the invention of the laparoscope doctors have the opportunity not only to save the lives of women with tubal rupture, but also to prevent this complication. With timely detection of ectopic pregnancy is particularly gentle operation, which allows to preserve the reproductive functions of women, including the fallopian tube.

What is laparoscopy

It is a modern advanced method of minimally invasive intervention that allows to perform operations on the internal organs through small punctures in the abdominal wall using the laparoscope instrument, equipped with a special system of optical lenses and cameras. The camera image transmitted to a computer monitor in an enlarged form. This allows the doctor to visually assess the condition of the internal organs and perform operations on them using special tools that are fed through the tube to the place of intervention. This method avoids the postoperative complications and promotes faster recovery of patients after surgery.

How is laparoscopy ectopic pregnancy

To clarify previously diagnosed, performed diagnostic laparoscopy. If the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy is confirmed, simultaneously performed surgery to remove the ovum and the restoration of the damaged portion of the pipe.

There are different types of intervention:

- Lobotomia. In this method the fallopian tube is opened, the ovum is removed and the abdominal cavity is cleaned from the remnants of the ovum and blood clots to prevent the development of adhesions. This method allows to preserve the function of the fallopian tube;

- Tubectomy – this method involves removing the fallopian tube, as the process became irreversible, and the opportunity to save on no longer exists. This method is used in cases when diagnosis is late and the risk of a pipeline rupture or it has already occurred.

In some cases you can do without surgery – fallopian tubes using a laparoscope introduced a special drug that promotes resorption of the ovum.

Laparoscopy ectopic pregnancy is indispensable, because it allows to minimize the negative consequences for women.