Modest beauty of snapdragons

This plant is probably one of the most popular annual garden flowers. His second name is antirrhinum. In garden culture it is possible to meet species from tiny to tall, each of them will find a suitable place in the garden. Actually, the Snapdragon is a perennial plant, but in horticulture it is grown as an annual, as harsh winters he can't stand. However, it is possible to dig up the plant, put in a pot and put it on the window.

In this case flowering will continue, and in the spring you can return the Bush to its former place in the garden. However, this act solved a few, because to grow seedlings of snapdragons less troublesome, and ornamental young plants impressive throughout the season. While snapdragons are low maintenance, easily grown from seed. To cope with this, even people completely unfamiliar with doing this.

When you need to plant antirrhinum seedlings

Snapdragons seeds sown seedlings in late April-early may. This would require soil for flowers and container for sowing seeds. If the conditions of the region allow, can be sown directly in antirrhinum flower garden. But in the Central and more severe Northern latitudes this is not possible.

Antirrhinum seeds are very small, so when planting them not need to cover with soil, enough to compact the soil with your palms and thoroughly spray the surface from a spray. After that you need to cover crops with transparent plastic wrap in order to preserve the necessary level of humidity.

Seedlings emerge 5-7 days. The film must be removed, and the container of seedlings to put into the light that the plants are not stretched. After 3 weeks, after the appearance of the first pair of true leaves, antirrhinum need raspikirovat. It should be done very carefully to avoid damaging tender plants. You can plant them in a small cassette 5 X 5 cm one, but if this is not possible, need to plant out the seedlings in a bigger tank, leaving between plants more space. In this case, you will have to do another transplant, but it will benefit the plants when transplanting, they begin to better gostitsa. To enhance the branching need to pinch back the tops of plants.

In the open ground snapdragons are planted after the threat of the return of frost. To soil the plant is not demanding, but when planting it is better to make a bit of humus and wood ashes, it will allow the plant to bloom more elaborate and longer.