Comfortable environment

To sleep in the daytime, you need to relax. The room should be comfortable for sleep: comfortable bed, curtained window, fresh air. It is believed that the temperature in the bedroom should not exceed 22°C, so often ventilate the premises. And in the summer it is recommended to sleep with the window open.

As a rule, people know the specifics of your nervous system. One easier to fall asleep under the quiet sounds of nature, others are more comfortable in complete silence. It is noticed that the quiet, monotonous sounds lull. Try to include relaxing music or a news channel. If the main factor that provides you fast asleep, it is dark, use a special mask to sleep, not letting in the daylight. Much easier to sleep in the reading process. Select a book with a simple romantic story, because of the dynamic detective novel will likely produce the opposite effect.

How to prepare for bed

One of the most effective means of relaxing is a warm bath. Add bath salts or essential oils. Strong calming effect has aromas of Valerian, lavender, patchouli, bergamot, chamomile and lemon balm. Enough 10-15 minutes in a tub to wanted to sleep.

Noted that after eating the person feels drowsiness and lethargy. The thing is that in the region of the digestive system, increases circulation, thus there the outflow of blood from the head. Due to oxygen starvation experienced by the brain, the person, want to sleep. However, sleep on a full stomach – not the best solution. Try to replace a full meal for a glass of milk or herbal tea with honey. The intake of black or green tea, like all other caffeinated beverages, it is necessary to limit at least 2 hours before bedtime.

Methods to fall asleep fast

To sleep, to get rid of all disturbing thoughts. Follow the example of the heroine of the novel "gone with the wind" and say to yourself: "I'll think about it tomorrow." No matter what business you either had to solve, they can all wait. Now is the time to relax.

An old proven way to fall asleep is to count sheep. Imagine a flock, take turns jumping over the fence. For owners of imagination is not difficult. Importantly, all the sheep looked the same, and the process was repeated monotonously and steadily. Alternatively, you can try to draw in the mind of Roman numerals, one after the other. These mind games help to get rid of extraneous thoughts and distractions from the pressing problems.