Think of assertiveness as an unwavering desire to constantly to defend their interests and rights. Use it without resorting to unnecessary squabbles, if you feel the need to defend yourself.
Teach others using the behavioral norms of perseverance, treat yourself the way you want. Learn to disagree, without provoking a negative hostile attitude on the part of opponents.
Don't forget that demonstrating sacrificial behavior, you allow others to perceive your urgent needs and interests of the minor, so people will not respect you.
Get a reputation as a persistent person, able to take risks in defending their interests, not looking at the risk of a conflict of clashes with people. Strive to deal with the emotional inner fears of likely conflicts, it is always strongly defend their views and beliefs, not to take their attitudes. Stating the importance of their priorities and needs.
Persist in circumstances that suggest the need to persuade others of the correctness. Say with a calm confidence from inappropriate proposals. Contrary to the opinion of individuals cannot be attributed to stubbornness, aggressiveness, desire to impose their opinion at any price. This is nothing more than a manifestation of honesty, openness, integrity in relations with others.
Remember that active demeanor - not manipulating people, not a show of force. It is based on proper self-esteem, respect for people, and his excellent ability to adequately assess the situation, find optimal solutions, to take responsibility for the choice made, without testing, feelings of guilt, anxiety, worry.
This quality does not mean victory, come what may. Rather, it suggests a solution to the current problems in a calm manner, without aggression, effective overcoming stress, personal development, allowing to maintain a completely normal relationship with others, a slight advancement on the social and career ladder.
Showing persistent determination, you prevent unwanted conflicts, satisfy needs, getting what you want, what is worthy.
Do not be afraid to demand from others, for example, sellers, couriers, or waiters to do as you feel right, mainly for myself. Be assertive man, not to be a victim of the conflict!