How useful beaver spring

The rumor about the healing properties of jet beaver was in the days of Catherine II. Then this very valuable product delivered to France. In principle, the healing properties of jet beaver is easy to explain.

The beaver is an animal of medium size. However, some specimens can weigh up to 30 kg. They live in the forest and eat a wide variety of herbs. In this regard, the biological fluid is saturated with nutrients. Moreover, the beavers – sexually active animal, because we can gather a large amount of of their seminal fluid.

We can say that the jet beaver is used to treat a variety of diseases. In ancient times it was epilepsy, Bobrovaya jet was healed wounds, helped reduce tumors. Also men noticed that the use of this tool of their power sexually increased. Even Alexander Pushkin includes "Ode to a beaver stream". As you know, the poet was a lover of women.

Effective but expensive tool

Currently, traditional medicine is actively promoting the acceptance of the jet inside the beaver gynecological diseases in women and urology in men. Regular use of this biological fluid of the beaver helps without medication to normalize blood pressure, prevention of cardiovascular disease, gallstones. We can say that the jet beaver helps with many diseases of the internal organs. And even such a serious disease as tuberculosis, under the force of it.

Beaver spring and got the unofficial name "natural viagra" is due to the fact that improves male potency. In addition, beaver spring helps and people with weakened immune systems in strengthening the immune system. However, this means there are contraindications, e.g., pregnancy, lactation, etc.

Jet beaver is suitable for ingestion, and for the manufacture of tampons. Latest suitable for women using this treatment for gynecological ailments. Those who are planning to use jet beaver inside, you should know that this is a rather bitter, unpleasant to the taste substance. Beaver spring typically sold in pharmacies as a tincture on alcohol, or you can make yourself. You need to take the beaver stream and the alcohol in proportions 1:10. In tincture form it is sufficient to take this medicine one teaspoon twice a day after meals. It is worth saying that jet beaver to get not so simple, and its price is quite high.