The expression "primary game" is often heard on the streets, from television, from friends and not people. Perhaps that anyone has ever said this phrase at least once in life. This expression has its own history and many interesting details. You did not ask the question, whose is this cat and why he was so famous in the whole of Russia? The expression "Holy cow" is still common ambiguous attitude, believe that this is a common abusive phrase, just not too rude or vulgar, other, others attribute this expression to the emotional content of a humorous connotation.

The history of the expression

In fact, so famous and popular "eshkin cat" is a cat known to all the children and adults the famous fairy grandmother: Baba Yaga. It is also called grandmother "e", hence the expression "Holy cow", indicating who the owner of this furry fiend. Baba Yaga had a whole staff of assistants from the animal world. In the different tales, there are different birds and animals that helped the Baba Yaga to do their magical things. Well, where does Baba Yaga without a cat. This wonderful character in the mythology of the Slavs, of course, has his own name. It's a cat Baiyun. Needless to Baba Yaga and the cat is quite evil. He possessed great strength, could jinx it and bring many misfortunes to those who caught his eye. There is a legend that the cat Baiyun took the souls of the dead in the realm of the dead. This legend says that the cat Baiyun equally good walks and on earth and under the earth. Among the habits of this cat can be identified and the fact that he avoids steppe areas and also afraid of the mountain.

The popularity of "askinga cat

In Soviet times, the surge of popularity of this expression was observed after the release of the film "Love and pigeons". The protagonist very often exclaimed "Holy cow", and the expression that caught the fancy of many viewers. And Shukshin and in the life often use this idiomatic expression. In many interviews with the actor, he's quite often. Well, the popularity of Shukshin's been amazing, many Soviet people tried to learn his identity. And to make it easier, adopting the manner of speech of the beloved actor, his favorite expression, "chips", as it is called today. Therefore, in Soviet times it became popular to convey his emotions to the given expression. Well, the next generation simply adopted the style to Express his emotions, giving his speech more expressive.