"Robinson Crusoe on Mars"

Travel to other planets has long excites the minds of people. The films about the adventures of astronauts started shooting it in the 20th century, although the technology of the time did not allow, today, to show a colorful and accurate picture of another world. But the beginning of space exploration has reignited interest in science fiction and gave the Directors a powerful incentive to develop this theme in their works. The film "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" was created in 1964. He talks about the flight of two astronauts to Mars. During the unsuccessful landing one of the researchers of the red planet is dying, and commander Chris Draper remains in a desolate world, only in the company of a little monkey, who flew with them. But the man did not give up and begins his fight for survival. This picture was first performed and became later widely famous phrase "Houston, we have a problem".


In 1969, comes another film about space travel – "Lost". It tells the story about the American astronauts who after completing the mission, resulting in a crash stuck in orbit with a limited supply of oxygen. While people in space trying to survive, NASA quickly developed techniques to rescue them. As a result, the attraction of the spacecraft of the Soviet Union two astronauts can be saved. "Lost" also was "Houston, we have a problem!".

Apollo 13

But the really famous address to the Houston became after returning to Earth astronauts manned the Apollo-13. Due to the explosion of oxygen tank and a series of subsequent failures, the astronauts are stuck on a ship with a limited supply of oxygen and drinking water. NASA has not had a clear plan for their salvation, and all the arising of the emergency situation was solved by the specialists of the space Agency in real time. The phrase "Houston, we have a problem" said one of the crew members, reporting on the Ground about the failure. The flight of Apollo 13 happened a few months after the release of "Lost", so maybe the astronaut repeated what he said to his colleague, find themselves in a similar situation. Almost ended in disaster, the mission of Apollo-13 was the basis for the eponymous film about the courage of astronauts, the professionalism and dedication of NASA employees. Phrase-an appeal to the Houston, which had already begun its March across the planet has observed in this picture.