Hoodies and sweatshirts are very similar in appearance. In particular, features sweatshirts, and versatile sweatshirts are hood, no zippers. Knitted sweaters are often made of cotton with soft insulation, so they are so comfortable in cool weather.

The characteristic features of sweatshirts

Sweatshirts, the name of which translates as "sweating" and "shirt" (sweat shirt), was invented in the twenties of the last century. Initially it was sports clothing. About the thirtieth year on sweatshirts began to be written, the names of sports teams, universities. So loose sweatshirts have become very popular among students.
Homeland sweatshirts believe Alabama, and fashion historians claim that these sweaters were originally worn by girls.

Interestingly, sweatshirts began to be supplemented by the hoods at once. But today you can meet the conventional model, without the hoods drawstring. Sweaters without zippers often have pockets that conveniently hide your hands in cold weather.

Perfect outfit for walking and training applies to unisex. Sweatshirts are in demand as women and men. However, as you might guess, wear jackets mainly young people. Yet, despite the democratic model of the sweatshirt is not suitable for wearing in the office.

What to wear with a sweatshirt?

Available in cut sweatshirts combined with skinny jeans, shorts, Bermudas, leggings or skirts-Maxi, MIDI. You can buy a sweater made of synthetics with a soft cloth or natural cloth.

Although in the modern fashion concept of "sweatshirt" and "shirt" are often taken for synonyms, different types of sportswear. Sweatshirt – a broader concept that can include and hoodies. Previously, sweatshirts were necessarily added triangular inserts under the collar, which were designed to soak up sweat. Now such items of clothing have decorative function and are a hallmark of sweatshirts.
Original look sweatshirts with inserts of leather, denim, lace, with decoration of beads, studs, rhinestones.

If desired, combine sweatshirts with athletic footwear – sneakers, sneakers, but you can create an image using loafers, ballet flats. In the shops you will see as plain sweatshirts or light sweaters with prints of drawings, inscriptions, prints. Which model to choose – to solve only to you.