Protecting children from ticks

The world does not exist 100% means or method which would protect the child from tick bites. Most effective with this task handle the drugs that are sold in pharmacies. With regard to folk remedies, they only allow you to deter ticks when used appropriately, but their efficiency is much less, and therefore use them better in the case when the child is very small or is simply not possible to purchase pharmaceutical preparation.

Insect repellent for children from ticks

Repellents against ticks are the very same chemicals that when used properly will help to deter ticks from the child. It is prohibited to use these drugs on children under the age of three. Because they are very toxic to a small child's body. Since three years, it is possible to use drugs-repellent, but in any case it is impossible to apply them on baby's skin.

The most popular funds against ticks are considered to be, "Off! Extreme", "DEFI-the Taiga", "Biban" and "Moskitol articles". Apply it only on clothes. While this should be done in advance. All the things that you plan to wear for the outdoors are treated with the drug. Then leave them hung on the balcony or in the street to dry. Then this clothing can be worn. It must be remembered that this drug has an expiry date during which it is effective. At the end of this time, better re-run the processing.

In wet weather or simply when caught in the rain, the validity of these drugs is greatly reduced for a few hours. In some cases, the tool may not be effective.

Protection against ticks, folk remedies

As folk remedies in the fight against mites often use essential oil with an intense odor. To use this tool even on young children, but in the absence of the baby allergies.

What smell repels mites

In the fight against mites often use rosemary, peppermint, eucalyptus or clove. This fragrance is not like mites. Such oils are usually used separately and by mixing a few drops. This mixture or simply essential oil to treat clothing and exposed skin. At selected locations it is best to conduct oiled finger. This procedure should be carried out every 1.5 or 2 hours. So it is not necessary to forget that for young children there are vaccinated against ticks, which protect them from the main dangers – the tick-borne encephalitis.