Tar soap has some nuances, the violation of which in the result may disappoint you greatly. First, be prepared for a strong and very unpleasant smell. Therefore, for the preparation of a mask or wash it you will have to retire, not to torment loved ones this smell. Secondly, this means you will have to get used to. Don't give up after the first time. Tar if you don't like it after one use, try again maybe the next attempt will be more successful, and the result to wait not make.
Ignore the unattractive design of this bar of soap. The most important is not the appearance of the product and its content and useful properties. But after using the soap out of tar you will improve the condition of hair, dandruff will disappear and hair will become thicker.
Under any circumstances you should not wash your head with hot water with lye soap. Otherwise, it will leave hair greasy. Not namasivaya hair with a bar of soap, first lather it in the palms or dilute soap in a small amount of warm water. Then apply the resulting lather to your hair and gently massage. Keep the soap on the head is not more than 5-10 minutes.
For odor you can use a balm or acidified water. Most often exude the smell of wet hair and after drying it disappears or becomes negligible. Take breaks, do not use soap constantly. Better courses use it from time to time, when there is a need.
Remember that this tool makes the hair very hard, so don't forget to do skin care mask, to use balms, conditioners and moisturize hair sprays-leave-in conditioners and creams.
If you wash your hair with lye soap you are uncomfortable or don't like, try a special tar shampoo. However, he, too, is not for everyone, and its effectiveness depends on the particular brand of the manufacturer.
At first, you may not much like is that the hair after using tar soap became unruly and hard. This is quite possible, however, do not jump to conclusions. The full effect of the application will appear only after 1.5 or even 2 months. Do not worry if the hair was harder to comb and hair entanglement. A little patient and wait for the final result. However, keep in mind that this soap is not suitable for very dry hair.