How to make a small feeder for chickens?

If you recently purchased Chicks must make them very compact feeder. This will require a minimal set of tools. First prepare a small plastic bucket and cut along the edge with wire cutters. By the way you need to make small incisions and then increase them. Pour into a bucket feed. Now cover it with a plastic plate and gently flip. That turned a simple feeder for Chicks, from which food is released as needed.

When the Chicks get a little older they will need a feeder a bit bigger. For its manufacturing take an ordinary plastic bucket and make holes in it. Number of holes must match the number of sections in a bowl. This refers to the sectional bowl for dogs, which will also be useful in work. Set the bucket over the bowl in such a position that each section is located the hole. Then fix the structure by means of nuts and screws. You only have to fill inside the feed and install a new feeder in the coop.

A large trough with their hands

One more option feeders are ideal if you have a lot of chickens. To create it, prepare a plastic bowl and a container for food. As the container may be a canister or tank of water. So, cut the top of the bowl. Its height should be such that the chickens could easily get food. The cans cut bottom.

Then cut the mount to drywall three parts. You get "legs"-supports that attach to the tank bolts. Slightly fold them from the bottom for maximum stability. Here's the whole process of making a large feeder for the chickens.

How to make a feeder for broiler chickens?

If you are planning to have chickens, keep in mind that feeding should be given special attention. This poultry must have permanent access to food. But not always have the time to pour chicken feed.

You'll need two plastic buckets, a pipe piece of plastic and two capacities of the cooler. First make holes in the buckets. Their size should be such that the bird could not get inside. Then out of cardboard carefully cut out the template and attach it to the walls of the bucket. Circle it. Well, to cut need electric jigsaw.

A section of pipe will act as a flow restrictor the feed. The cut length shall not be less than 15 cm At a distance of 3 cm from the edge, make drill three holes. Next, a jig saw will need to cut the segments at an angle to the base of the longer side. You only have to fill the tank feed and water, set the limiter to cover it all with a bucket and flip. Feeder for broiler chickens ready.