Features collar pumps

Collar boat (boat, boatneck or bateau) leaving open only the upper part of the shoulders. The shoulders themselves are usually closed. This collar is perfect for soft and feminine upper body.

Most often the collar, the boat is found in fitted blouses and tunics. In addition, this collar is the best option for dresses having an X-silhouette. Boat neckline visually elongates the neck, the fitted bodice accentuates the bust and waist, lush and voluminous skirt creates the effect of solemnity.

The boat neckline accentuates the beautiful curve of the neck. Therefore, it is suitable primarily slender girls. And even the normal neck with the collar of the boat will seem thin and Swan. The only contraindication for this type of collar broad shoulders. Such a neckline will visually make them even more massive.

At evening dresses boat neckline on the back is often transformed into a beautiful and deep cleavage.

Selecting the decorations to the collar of a boat, look for those products that fall much below the neckline. This can be a large pendant, a long strand of pearls, chain. If you have a formal and solemn event, stop your choice on the ornament, which has a length of "opera". This length comes almost to the waist. If the boat neckline is quite deep, wear a decoration under the neck. It looks modest and elegant. If you can not find a decoration - not a problem. The boat neckline is a self-contained, so it looks like decoration. To complete the festive image will be quite large earrings. In addition to jewelry, with a boat collar you can wear different scarves. They do look stylish and modern.

How to tailor a boat neckline?

Paper pattern boat neckline looks like a straight line. The front and the back of any product this cutout is the same length and width. In order to make the collar the boat, use any pattern, suitable for you in size. Lay the pattern on the fabric and pin the safety pins. Not paying attention to the neckline of the pattern, simply draw a straight line from one shoulder to the other. You have a collar boat. Tailored this method the collar is at the very base of the neck. Draw a line along the highest points of the shoulder forms a collar, which in most cases comes on the neck. To make the collar deeper and longer, lower line of the neck 3 cm below. Thus, the depth of the neck boat and is easily adjustable. If the pattern you completely remove the shoulder line and make straight line of the neck to the corners of the fabric at the shoulders sew zavyazochki to tie the front and back of the product. This model is suitable for summer dress or top.

As a rule, to handle cutout pumps product used in conventional facing. In addition, you can use the finishing bar. In this case, you need to choose a shade to match the color of the product. Note that the edge banding may be a bit reduce neckline: it will depend on its width.