You will need
  • centimeter;
  • pattern;
  • - two straight or circular needles;
  • yarn;
  • - two pins or auxiliary needles;
  • - darning needle.
Carefully check the pattern of the future sweaters, the gate to get the required shape and size. It is recommended to associate a test pattern and specify the density of knitting, as well as the required number of loops to execute the neckline and the collar.
Tie the back, then the front of the sweater. Carefully follow the line of openings, the bevels of the shoulders and the neck using a serial subtraction loops.
Open loop cut to remove the support spokes or pins and closing loop, close the shoulder.
Connect the finished part cut and do the knit stitches on the sides of the product and on the line of the shoulders. Sew the right and left sleeves. Only after Assembly of main parts of clothes should start knitting the gate.
Knit collar sweater on circular needles. It is necessary to dial the loops at the edge of the neck. Of them start to knit elastic band (classic - 1v1 or 2v2 or other kind to your taste).
Nebazhannya try on the sweater in the process of working on the collar – this will define the desired shape of the part. Experimenting with height, you can get different options. With a simple collar is a stand, which ends under the chin (its height - about 10 cm). More popular option is a double rack that flips and folds in half. Finally, you can make a high clamp lush rubber band or pipe – it will simultaneously perform the role of the hood.
If you have decided on the height of the gates of the sweater, then gently close the loops of the last row. You must carefully pull the closing loops (for this you can use a thicker needle) – or the final number of work will be tight and inelastic, and you don't pull the clothes on the head.
Some mistresses prefer to use collar sweater as a separate piece and then sew it to the neckline. This option has its advantages. If the gate ready to sew the opening close to the final down, the top part produces more free and elastic.
Adjust the width of the collar and loops on dial direct spokes. Knit detail the forward and reverse rows, until you reach the desired height. Finish the last row and connect the gate with the main product cattalini seam.