What is endometriosis

The disease is the deterioration of hormonal and immune systems. Hormonal failures can occur due to the large amounts of estrogen (female sex hormone), and a significant lack of progesterone, which often leads to uncontrolled growth of the endometrium and his unnatural long rejection of other cells, which, in turn, is accompanied by profuse bleeding. In this case, endometrial cells get into other unsuitable tissues and organs, forming in areas of multiple areas of endometriosis. Prolonged disruption of the immune system is manifested in the fact that the immunity allows "extra" endometrial cells growing freely in other tissues. In the normal organism this should not be, because immune cells consume foreign education for other tissues.

Nutritionists about the disease

Nutritionists and doctors of different areas forbid to lose weight in a number of diseases, the list of which includes endometriosis, and talking about the need to comply with special medical diet. This is necessary for normal hormone production, because only in normal balanced diet stabiliziruemost hormones. Consequently, those people who are depriving your body of food, starving and famished, harm the hormonal background even more, and thus contribute to the development of endometriosis. It is known that fat cells themselves can produce the hormone estrogen. This hormone affects the growth of endometrial cells, so a sudden decrease in weight can cause upset the balance of estrogen. Endometriosis in this case will progress.

Nutrition for endometriosis

Strengthen the immune system through the use of a sufficient number of proteins of vegetable and animal origin, because proteins are essential to all cells of the body, including the immune. If proteins are not ingested in sufficient quantity, the immunity will be reduced. To a greater extent should the use of animal proteins as they contain many essential amino acids needed to build cells. For proper metabolism also requires vitamins and minerals that enter the body with fresh vegetables and fruit. In order for this food benefits, you must cooking steamed or boiled and stewed. Diet is also important: uniform intake of food to improve metabolism.