What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is an inflammatory process in which the endometrium survives outside the walls of the uterus (in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and abdominal cavity). The endometrium is one of the several layers of the endometrium, which is attached to the embryo. In that case, if fertilization has not occurred, the endometrium is updated monthly and comes out in the form of menstruation. This disease can be not only gynecological, but also spread to the other organs of the body. Endometrial cells differ in the persistent vitality and can settle down in the abdominal cavity as well as in the uterus.


Still unknown the causes of this disease. The endometrium is in the shedding at the end of menstruation goes back into the fallopian tube with blood and, the clamps there, begins to grow.

To date it is unclear why the immune system allow the particles of the endometrium to grow, because in normal operation, it should eliminate all "stray" cells. Also a big role in the development of this disease may play in inheritance. Endometriosis can also trigger other factors:
- stress;
- hormonal disturbances;
- excessive alcohol consumption and Smoking;
- excess weight;
- endocrine diseases;
frequent abortion or postpartum complications;
- diseases of organs of small pelvis.

Consequences and treatment of endometriosis

Mostly women get to know about the disease only when it comes to gynecological examination. Endometriosis quite often goes unnoticed. To diagnose it can experienced doctor, although many doctors take him for disease of the appendages. Often, therefore, when the medical examination the disease is already advanced in the "running" state.

The most unpleasant consequence of the disease is infertility. You must consult the doctor as early as possible to avoid this. In some cases, the doctor may advise the woman hormone therapy or surgery. The kind of surgery chosen the woman, depending on the readings, individually. It can be laparoscopy (via a small incision with a laser is removed overgrown endometrial cells). After the surgery the woman has a chance of getting pregnant.

Unfortunately, there is no final cure for this disease. But there is good news – the endometriosis is not degenerates into a malignant tumor. But to avoid serious complications recommended regular visits to the gynecologist and the passage of the preventive treatment.