Squid came in recent years from the discharge of exotic seafood and you can buy them today, not only in canned form, but fresh frozen. The neutral taste of the squid allows you to combine it with fresh and pickled vegetables, cereals, eggs and various sauces, so Housewives do not get tired to master all new recipes involving squid. Especially that squid have in their composition a lot of useful to human body substances.

What is the use of squid

The squid contains a lot of protein and negligible amount of fats and carbohydrates, which allows him to treat dietary products. As for the calories in 100 grams of product only 86 kcal. But polyunsaturated fats in the mollusc, on the contrary, is, in combination with B vitamins, which are dominated by B4 (choline) and B3 (Niacin), E, A, PP, valuable micro - and macroelements, regular inclusion of squid in the diet is highly desirable. The presence of cobalt and iodine squid just Champions.

A large amount of potassium in the composition of the squid makes it useful for people suffering from edema, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Taurine in the product, has anti-sclerotic effect and regulates the blood pressure and cholesterol. As squid meat has a delicate taste and refers to easily digestible foods, nutritionists recommend to include it in the diet as the elderly and children. People in the age of it prevents memory loss, and in adolescents stimulates mental activity.

Regular consumption of squid is beneficial in cleansing the body of toxins and salts of heavy metals. This mollusk translates in the digestive tract and urogenital system, because increases the production of gastric juice and diuretic.

Can use squid to harm the body

The positive properties of seafood, namely, squid, you can transfer indefinitely. But only all of them are fresh material not subjected to repeated freezing. So while buying squid, you need to ask their place of residence and the period of limitation. Frozen product is usually a shapeless mass of darker color, which, ottaw, will exude an unpleasant smell and spread when pressed. If squid meat is no different a bad smell, you can try to cook, because when cooking squid become tougher. However, this will hardly help to improve the taste. Stale squid will taste bitter.

Although squid is not recommended to boil longer than 5 minutes to avoid stiffness and loss of taste, but less is also not necessary. In nedoveriem squid can contain a polypeptide capable of disrupting the activity of the digestive tract. Allergies to calamari are extremely rare, but isolated cases of medicine is recorded. Therefore, the first use should be careful. Despite the fact that the squid excrete toxins, sometimes they can be a source of their penetration. The fact is that, like many sea creatures, squid is able to absorb harmful compounds from sea water. This largely depends on the environment, so it is superfluous to reiterate the need to check with the purchase location of the catching of the clam. Do not apply the above useful properties of squid and dried product which, when consumed frequently can cause violations of water-salt balance.