Advice 1: The formula for calculating the ideal weight for men

A man's weight is not only aesthetic option, but also the characteristic of having a serious effect on his health and well-being. While the ideal weight depends on several key parameters.
The formula for calculating the ideal weight for men

The variants of calculations

The theme of the ideal weight worried doctors and ordinary people for a long time therefore to date, a large number of different formulas and algorithms, each of which has its own interpreterpath this concept. Some of them stand out for their simplicity, but their disadvantage is a very high error margin, which can significantly reduce the adequacy of its application in a particular case.

So, one of such variants is the so-called Broca formula, named for the French scientist who developed it. It proposes to calculate the ideal weight of men in the age of 40 years, in the following way: from the height, expressed in centimeters, subtract 100. Thus for men aged over 40 ideal weight were asked to count by subtracting from the same number 110. Thus, a man aged 30 years, with growth of 180 centimeters, according to this formula, should weigh 70 kilograms.

Other formulas, in contrast, was quite complicated and used a wide variety of factors. Such, for example, the formula of Cooper, according to which the ideal weight for men can be calculated from the following expression: (height in centimeters * 4 : 2,54 - 128) * 0,453. The same man that is described above, this formula should weigh 70.4 kgs.

The body mass index

However, all these and many other formulas have one serious drawback: they derive a single, averaged value on the basis of the growth of men, without taking into account that depending on many other variables such as muscle mass, body type and other, the boundaries of rules for different men can vary considerably.

So today in medicine adopted a measure with greater variability when determining your ideal weight. It is called the body mass index (BMI) and is measured quite simply: to calculate BMI you need the weight expressed in kilograms divided by the square of height expressed in meters. For example, for the above men BMI will be 21.6.

Normal weight men, according to developers of the index is in the range of BMI from 20 to 25. Thus, performing simple arithmetic calculations, you can define the boundaries of normal weight for man with height is 180 cm. According to this index, its weight should be in the range of 64.8 to 81 kilograms. All values within this interval are normal and do not require from men, neither gaining weight nor getting rid of extra pounds.

Advice 2 : How to calculate your ideal weight

Very few people in the world who feel their weight is perfect. According to statistics, about sixty percent of men and fifty percent women over thirty years in Russia have excess weight. Moreover the excess weight can be humans, seemingly slim. Objective data suggests that fat should be in males from nine to fifteen percent of total body weight, and women from twelve to twenty. In theory, everything is clear, but how to practically determine which part of the body weight is fat, and if you have extra weightand?
How to calculate your ideal weight
You will need
  • scales, table, calculator
One of the easiest formulas to calculate ideal weightand suggested an anthropologist from France, Paul Brock. The most simple formula for the calculation - the weight is equal to growth minus factor. With the growth of 165 cm, coefficient is 100 to 175 cm - 105, above 175 cm - 110. According to experts, the formula of Broca true for people whose age is between forty to fifty years. If you are less than forty, the optimal weightcalculated by the formula Brock, should be reduced by ten percent, otherwise the result should be increased by five to seven percent.
More accurate are the calculation of body mass index showing body fat in the body. For calculations it is enough to know body weight in kilograms and height is recorded in meters. BMI=M(kg):N2(m),where M – weight, N – growth. The formula is also very simple: is the ratio of the mass to the square of the height. Depending on the values obtained conclusions on the weighte of a man. If you get less than 25 is normal, if more than 25 but less than 27 is overweight, but not obesity, but if more than 27 - this is obesity. But this, again, average performance, because the values of body mass index for men and women.
How to calculate your ideal <strong>weight</strong>
In Russia doctors to determine overweight use special tables, which depending on sex and age, and from the growth of the specified maximum permissible values of the weight. If your weight in the table below, it may indicate the lack of excess weightand, if higher, the additional studies is determined by the degree of obesity.
How to calculate your ideal <strong>weight</strong>
There are different methods allowing to determine the ideal weight for any person depending on his growth. It does not take into account other indicators, such as age, gender and body type. It is obvious that, if the excess weight is formed at the expense of muscle, looks complete, in addition, scientists have proved that slightly overweight women have a positive effect on her health.
Useful advice
Absolutely reliable way to determine ideal weight does not exist, because none of them take into account the individual characteristics of a person. Better to focus on the health and mirror.

Advice 3 : How to calculate your correct weight

In 1868, Paul Brock for the first time proposed a formula to measure the correct or ideal weight of a person. Since then, it took almost half a century, but interest in this subject never waned. On the contrary, a huge part of the population counts of the correct weight using advanced formulas and strives to achieve the ideal.
How to calculate your correct weight
To calculate the index of Brock measure your height in centimeters and subtract 100. For example, with height 170 cm, your ideal weight should be 70 kg. Later the formula was improved. With the growth of 165 cm should be subtracted 100, with the height from 166 to 175 cm – 105, if you are higher then 110.
Paul Brock himself did not think their formula is accurate. Indeed, the method has a high accuracy. For example, a woman with a growth of 170 cm and weight 65 kg and with a proportional addition may look quite harmoniously. A man with the same figures hardly seem ideal, because the figure it will be frail.
Perhaps this is why now I prefer to use the so-called Quetelet index. To calculate it, divide your weight by height in meters squared. The resulting figure is the Quetelet index.
For example, your height is 1.70 m and a weight of 62 kg. Lift height in square 1,70х1,70=2,8900. Now count the index. 62: 2,8900=21,45.
Perfect scores from 18 to 25. For individuals slim build he is from 18 to 21, with an average addition of 21 – 23 and with tight addition of 23 – 25. But if the value is in the interval from 25 to 29, 9, start to clean myself up. Follow the figure and get on a diet. You have extra weight. When the index is greater than 30 beat anxiety. You have the first degree of obesity. If your index is below 18 try to eat more dense. You are underweight, that can threaten dystrophy.
Use the Lorentz formula. Weight (correct) = (your height - 100) - ((height - 150) / 2). It turns out that if your height is 160 cm, the weight should be 55 kg. However, this formula at 150 cm in height, the right weight is 50 kg, which is quite a lot.
There is an even easier way to know if everything is okay with your weight measure your waistline. If the waist circumference exceeds 80 cm you have a normal weight. If it exceeds, you have extra pounds, and more than 88 cm - it is worth considering that the problem of excess weight is likely to turn into obese.
All of these methods provide only average weight interval for which to strive. If weight did not cause a problem, does not cause discomfort in daily life, it is likely that he is close to correct.

Advice 4 : What is the ideal weight for young girls

In the 20-ies of XX century, when women bared feet and abandoned the corsets, the figure began to play a leading role in the exterior. Over the past 50-60 years was invented thousands of diets and exercises that help to obtain the desired shape. Also there is a perfect weight for young girls, which can be calculated independently and recommended to maintain.
What is the ideal weight for young girls
Before you can calculate weight by height, you need to find out what is the norm and so if you need to follow strict reference proportion.

What is considered the norm

In the era of Marilyn Monroe in fashion was a low fat girl. The legendary actress, who died young, was only 162 cm and weight of her lifetime ranged from 56-66 lbs. That is a perfect combination of weight and growth were calculated according to the formula growth the minus 100=the reference weight.

Besides, during the time Monroe was considered attractive, if the waist is 2/3 of the settings of the chest and hips. Volume Marilyn was 96-60-96 that a few went beyond the standard, but it was her highlight.

Today, the ideals have shifted from crotalidae sexy women to the girl with a boyish figure. For example, extremely popular, both for men and women Angelina Jolie weighs 56 kg height 173 cm. What is the ideal weight for young girls is calculated by subtracting 120 units from that of weight. In addition, the parameters are Angie 92-72-92. It turns out, the waist is ¾ of the volume of the chest and hips.

Examples are the standard for his era. And the average formula for the average women under 30 years of age, not Actresses or models – the growth of minus 110=ideal weight.

To calculate the weight growth

Formula ideal weight calculated by the Belgian mathematician Adolphe Quetelet, or as it is called in the French manner, Ketele. The result of the formula is the body mass index.

A normal index is the index of 18.5 to 25 units. The body mass index of 25 to 30 indicates overweight, 30-35 – about the first degree of obesity, 35-40 is about the second. If the figure is 16.5-18 units is a distinct lack of body weight for adult girls at any height. If the index below 16 is a degeneration.

To calculate the body mass index must first be squared height in meters, for example, 1,7h1,7. Then divide the resulting weight in kilograms. The final figure will be the body mass index.

Determine the weight by volume

You can calculate weight by height, but it is better to correlate this index with the parameters of the figure. It is necessary to measure waist circumference, thighs, one of the biceps and thighs.

Then you need to divide the waist on the hips. For example, 70:90=0,78. This is a good indicator, and the maximum difference in the circumference of waist and hip should not exceed 0,85.

Also the waist circumference you need to divide by the circumference of the thighs and biceps. The maximum rate of the T:L=1.5, and T:B=1,24.
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