How to use the drugs with milk Thistle

The drug is plant-based "milk Thistle" is prescribed in the following indications: toxic liver damage (alcoholism, intoxication, drugs, heavy metal compounds, halogenated hydrocarbons) and their prevention, chronic hepatitis, post-infectious and toxic hepatitis, fatty infiltration and degeneration of the liver, lipid disorders, cirrhosis (in the complex treatment).

Often, patients with impaired digestion due to liver disease have an increased appetite and overweight. Because "milk Thistle" leads to normal metabolic processes in the diseased organ, in humans normal weight. The drug improves the liver function tests.

"Milk Thistle" release in the form of capsules, tablets, powder, oil for ingestion. Thistle oil is prescribed to adults and children over 12 years 0.5 tsp twice a day. He has to take it during meals. The course of treatment is 1 month. "Milk Thistle" capsules used in the following manner: adults and children over 12 years should take 5 pieces twice a day (during meals). The course is 30 days. Take pills during meal, 1 piece 1 time a day for a month. Treatment with milk Thistle can not replace abstinence from alcohol and products that are harmful to the liver.

"Milk Thistle": contraindications, side effects

Preparations based on milk Thistle can have side effects, which include diarrhea and allergic reactions. These medications are contraindicated in children up to 12 years old with hypersensitivity to the components. During pregnancy and lactation "milk Thistle" is used only for medical reasons and in that case, if the benefits of treatment will be higher the possible risk to the child.

With care "milk Thistle" is used when hormonal disorders (uterine fibroids, endometriosis, breast cancer, uterine, ovarian, prostate) because of estrogen-like actions of silymarin. In a joint application of the extract of milk Thistle with drugs intended for hormone replacement therapy and oral hormonal contraceptives may decrease the therapeutic action of these funds. Silymarin is able to enhance the therapeutic effect of these drugs: "Alprazolam", "Diazepam", "Lovastatin", "Ketoconazole", "Vinblastine".

Analogues of the "Thistle" on the active substance are: "Karsil", "Legalon", "Cilegon", "Silymarin", "Silimar". Analogs pharmacological group: "Astralis", "HEPA-Merz", "Hepatosan", "counts", "Livadaki", "Progear", "Tilion".