In recent years, cases of diseases of the spine. The reasons for this is the mass, and everyone is looking for their own ways to make their condition easier and to carry out complex therapy of the spine relaxing at home. Helps in this lovely unit - applicator Kuznetsova. During its existence, it has become truly one of the most real "people" means that there is almost in every home.

Why people should choose the Kuznetsov applicator?

The applicator Kuznetsov is a really good tool, which is characterized by exceptional accessibility, ease of use and incredibly high efficiency. True, many users report that after using this applicator they became really lighter and back problems began to occur much less frequently than previously.

What is the Kuznetsov applicator?

Isleapyear, or the applicator Kuznetsov is a very simple tool that consists of several parts. It shipoopie of a thin plate, and elastic or a hard tissue plate where they are secured. Depending on where you intend to attach an applicator, it can be of different shape and size.

Contraindications for the use

Unfortunately, even such a simple to use and safe tool like the applicator Kuznetsova, has its contraindications.
For example, if the area where you have pain, are any warts, growths on the skin, or birthmarks, apply the applicator is in any case impossible, as it can cause very significant damage to health and have to be much more serious treatment.

Also the applicator Kuznetsov is contraindicated in the existence of any tumors on the skin, as this can also lead to certain problems. Plus, if you suffer from blood clotting or vessel occlusion with subsequent inflammation, also do not use this applicator.

In all skin diseases, as well as all months of pregnancy also should limit the use of aglepristone not to harm your body, and in the second case, not make it worse for the unborn baby.

In conclusion, I want to warn you: despite the fact that the applicator Kuznetsov is a very common and affordable, it is not necessary to use it widely and without talking with your doctor. Be careful and use only those techniques that you really need.