Benefit from the topical use of vitamin And obvious. Retinol has powerful antioxidant activity increases the density of the skin, making it supple and elastic. Vitamin is capable to rejuvenate skin affected by UV rays, it helps to exfoliate dead cells and smooth out wrinkles.
The easiest way is to buy a face cream rich in vitamin A. the Most effective means looking among drugstore brands. Especially useful for night creams, good restoring and rejuvenating the face. Such cosmetics should not use girls under the age of 30-35 years, for young skin these tools are not intended.
If the desired product is not found, make it yourself. Buy in the drugstore capsules with oil solution of vitamin A. Pierce one capsule and add the contents into the cream. It is desirable to choose a medium light consistency that does not contain active components. Remember that vitamin a is bad combined with fruit acids and essential oils.
Thoroughly mix the cream and apply it on entire face, neck and décolleté. If the skin is very sensitive, pre-do the test in the crook of the elbow or wrist. For ever prone to edema, vitamin a is best not to apply. Cream turns quite oily, so intense to drive it with your fingertips and blot the residue with a soft cloth.
Vitamin can be used in the preparation of homemade masks. Try recipe that will enrich the skin with nutrients, makes it soft and smooth. Egg yolk RUB with a half a teaspoon of honey, add a little oat flour and 1 capsule of oil solution of vitamin A. Apply the mask on thoroughly cleansed face and neck, avoiding area around eyes and lips. After 20 minutes rinse the mask with warm water and rinse cold. Very useful mask with yeast, carrot or sea buckthorn juice, sour cream or cottage cheese. They also can add vitamin A.
Another way to use homemade scrubs. Crush cereal. Add half a teaspoon of olive oil and a capsule of oil solution of vitamin A. Stir the mixture, apply it on wet face and gently massage with fingertips. Rinse the oatmeal with warm water. After this treatment, the face looks very fresh and manicured, the skin turns pink, pores reduced. Instead of oatmeal you can use coffee grounds, salt or sugar.