The body absorbs vitamin a easier and more complete in its natural forms, so add in the diet more foods containing retinol. The best of them are liver and fish oil, in large enough quantities it is contained in egg yolks, cream, butter and whole milk.
Vitamin a accumulates in the body and eliminated from it quite slowly. If you are diagnosed with a lack of retinol to quickly replenish his stock of conventional products is unlikely to succeed. As directed additionally take it into dosage forms. They include tablets and solution for intramuscular injection. In severe cases, the rapid increase in the number of vitamin is recommended to make injections. So the drug will be faster to enter the blood.
Use drops, tablets, coated tablets in less severe cases, etc. the Most convenient and highly absorbable dosage form of retinol are capsules. Each of them contains a different dose of vitamin A, therefore, before receiving the funds, contact your doctor.
Stick to the exact guidelines for the use of the vitamin to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect. Usually, experts advise taking pills or capsules twice a day after meals. Recommended doses depend on the underlying disease. For example, people with deficiency of mild and moderate appoint 33 thousand IU/day. With a strong deficiency the dose may be increased significantly. Please note that children should take vitamin a 5-10 times less.
Keep the level of vitamin A in normal. For the prevention of vitamin deficiency men it is recommended to take 3,000 IU and women to 2,300 IU per day. Remember that retinol is a fat - soluble vitamin and is excreted from the body quite slowly, so do not exceed the recommended doses of specialist.