The reason for refusal of sex is often physical and psychological fatigue girls. Even a favorite work can take away all the power, and if you can't call it such, the status will be "squeezed lemon" is guaranteed. In addition to working, women often loaded with various household chores. As a result the evening in bed, she wants only one thing - sleep. Don't allow this. Take a part of routine efforts, your efforts will be rewarded. It is unlikely that the girl will not answer you in return after a good dinner and a bath with fragrant foam.
Be attentive to your other half. She might have health problems that cause pain and discomfort during sexual intercourse. Women tend to keep quiet about these because of fear of abandonment. If this is your case, make sure that she visited a doctor and received treatment.
A girl's refusal to have sex may be due to the absence of her orgasm, but to say it directly interferes with her shyness. Dissatisfaction robs the meaning of love and turns it into an annoying chore. Try delicately to call the partner Frank conversation. Ask her about what she wanted, and that on the contrary, do not like. Fantasy, voiced aloud, could kindle a desire in both of you.
Think about your appearance. Untidiness and flaws in terms of personal hygiene can kill sexual desire of a partner for a long time. Perhaps it was the last straw.
Often spend free time together. Get out to concerts, exhibitions, football matches or other interesting activities for both of you. A non-standard environment can have a stimulating effect, and you will only have to use it.
Remember the old saying that appetite comes during meal. If a girl doesn't want sex, try to persuade her to him with caresses and hugs. First and foremost, fun is to be delivered to her. Do not overdo it, otherwise it will regard your behavior as a transition to violence.