How to start a conversation about the infidelity of her husband?

If you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, do not immediately pounce on him with questions. First, pay attention to his behavior and put all particles into one. The only delay in the work or one call from an unknown women can absolutely be nothing. To sound the alarm only when the husband is behaving suspiciously for quite a long time.

If you are convinced that the betrayal was still committed, prepare for the conversation, ask your husband to give you time and when you are alone, ask him as it relates to spousal betrayal. You can start the conversation from afar and tell her lover that one of your friends was betrayed by her husband who slept with his Secretary. Surely your beloved will start to Express their opinion on the matter, and you need to listen carefully to him.

Then you can ask a spouse whether he is able to change you. Tell me that it is not even about the long-term stable relationship with another woman, and fleeting entertainment. Again make sure the reaction of the husband if it was such a sin, you should notice his excitement. Then you can say that in recent years began to notice some oddities that impel you to think that your second half was the other woman. After this approval, the conversation will start up, and you and your husband can figure out all their problems.

How to tell her husband about his infidelity?

If marital betrayal was committed by your husband, and you, and you decided to tell your lover you need to think carefully about all the details of your conversation. Think about what caused such an act and find a clear, strong arguments that you have done so, and not otherwise. Choose a time when your husband will be calm, it will be nothing to disappoint, and ask them to give you a few minutes for a serious conversation.

To start treason better gradually. Tell me that lately you are not satisfied in your relationship that over time you cooled down a bit. Yes, you love your spouse, but you are missing from him passions, emotions and vivid sensations. Then you can say that recently I met someone who could give you what you wanted. Admit treason, but be prepared for the fact that the reaction of your spouse you will not be happy.