You will need
  • seeds of cyclamen;
  • - "EPIN-extra" or "Zircon";
  • - peat;
  • - ground sheet;
  • - drainage;
  • - sand.
Start sowing cyclamen is recommended in late winter or very early spring. If you know growers who grow this flower, try to get seeds from them. It is believed that fresh seeds obtained from plants grown at home, are more viable.
Regardless of whether you bought planting material in the store or got from a friend grower before sowing seeds should be treated with a solution of any immunomodulator: "EPIN-extra" or "Zircon". For processing "Appin-extra" you'll need a solution of four drops of medicine in half Cup water. If you prefer to use a Zircon, dissolve two drops three hundred milliliters of water. Keep the seeds in the solution for eighteen hours.
Pour into a container with a frosted, or completely opaque cover light soil mix. Cyclamen can grow in moist soil, consisting of equal amounts of peat and leaf soil.
Lay seeds on the soil surface and sprinkle thin, not more than a half centimeter layer of earth. Close the container with the seed film or a lid and put in the place where you will be able to maintain a temperature in the range of eighteen to twenty degrees.
Seeds will germinate within one or one and a half months, all this time, keep the ground slightly moist and daily ventilate the container. Some varieties of cyclamen will grow even longer, so don't despair if two months after sowing you will not see germination.
As soon as the first sprout, move the jar of seeds in the lighted area, covering the seedlings from the bright sun. The temperature in the place where the plants should be no higher than fifteen to seventeen degrees.
After the formation of the seedlings two or three leaves of raspikirovat plants should be in pots with drainage and a mixture of four parts of leaf, two parts peat and part sand. The nodules that had formed the plants should be fully submerged in the soil.
Six months after picking transplant young cyclamen in pots with a diameter of about six inches, using the same soil composition as in swordplay. The tuber of the plant, leave one-third above the surface of the earth. Through a year or two after planting you will be able to see how the cyclamen will bloom.