Shilajit, which bears the name of "mountain wax", "sweat of the rock" and "stone glue", is organo-mineral product that contains many trace minerals, fatty acids and amino acids. It speeds up the metabolism, stimulating cell regeneration. Therefore, Shilajit is considered a therapeutic agent.
When the prescribed dosage, the side effects from the use of Shilajit is not. In addition, it is even indicated for the treatment of allergies.
You can give mummy children from the age of three. Daily dose for infants under one year is 0.01 – 0.02 g. during the period from one to nine years, the dose is increased to 0.05 g, and from 9 to 14 years – to 0.1 g of Mumiye is required to be soaked in warm clean water to 5 g in 300 ml. is Necessary for the teenager 0.1 g will be contained in 5 ml solution.
Mummy give infant along with a drink or food. Also use a product to compress, rastirok, rinse. The older the child, the less you need to think of ways to give him medicine.
It is possible to cure many chronic diseases with the help of this product. For example, Shilajit is very useful for children suffering from asthma, allergies, sinusitis.
Children asmatica need to give mummy at bedtime age-appropriate dosage, pre-mixed mortar with goat's milk, honey or cow fat. The course of treatment – a month. If the disease does not retreat, take a break for 7-10 days and repeat the course.
For Allergy treatment it is necessary to prepare a 0.1% solution (1 g mumie on 1 l of water). Child up to three years need to drink 50 ml of the medication on an empty stomach before Breakfast. Children from four to seven years – 70 ml, 8 years – 100 ml. the Course is conducted over 20 days. If allergic retreated earlier, you need to stop treatment. If one course was not enough, you need to repeat it, but on other conditions. To reduce the concentration of the solution twice and split the daily dose into two doses.
To save a child from sinusitis, you can use drops from mummy (0.1 g) and camphor oil (1 ml). To bury your nose three times a day 5 drops for weeks. This method helps get rid of sinusitis.
Unfortunately, such a serious illness, such as diabetes, does not spare even young children. Drug treatment under 18 years is free, but many parents do not know how to provide your adult child with the necessary medicines, which are expensive. You can use the time to adulthood, using the treatment of diabetes with Shilajit.
You need to give children the mummy dissolved in a breast (for infants) or cow's milk, three times a day. Dosage is calculated based on the age of the child. The course of treatment is 28 days. Can hold up to three courses.