Sent to the sanatorium patients who have undergone hospital treatment, after which the body came into balance and is in a state of tension. Staying in the sanatorium the sick for healing are offered fisierulmeu help, therapy, specific antibacterial agents, psychotherapeutic regime and hygiene dietary treatments.
As the patient gets tired of the lengthy treatment and monotonous situation of tuberculosis hospitals, it is necessary to choose a resort with less crowded and as close to nature. Finding health resort next to the sea, mountains, rivers, forests, free distances improves the patient's sense of perception of space and improves the resistance, strengthens the will to live, balances the mind and invigorates. Order health care and attitude of health workers should be directed to, to complete the recovery process of the body after debilitating treatment, to calm troubled psyche and to return the patient to the joys of life.
One of the famous and best tuberculosis sanatoria is "Blue Bay". It is located in the city of Gelendzhik on the Black sea coast. Therapy of the disease is climate, air baths, heliotherapy, thalassotherapy, massage, pathogenic and chemical treatment. Also carried out cultural and educational work and rehabilitation activities.
In the Republic of Altai is a mountain-climatic sanatorium for tuberculosis patients "Chamal". Here pharmacological treatment process is minimized, and to maximize the use of natural healing factors. In addition to therapy, the sanatorium hosts lectures and discussions with patients are tuberculosis and school school a healthy lifestyle for patients.
Sanatorium "Teberda", located in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic, is also considered the best in its profile health resort in the country. For the treatment of patients are offered physiotherapy, mud therapy, various inhalation, therapy, therapeutic physical training, massage, health path, balneotherapy, etc.
The choice of a suitable sanatorium is carried out on the basis of a medical examination, test results and the course of therapy. Based on the data collected is determined by the most appropriate health center, meeting the goals of rehabilitation of the patient. Also treatment would be effective if it is designed for a few months. A ticket to the health resort it is possible to obtain from the attending physician or tuberculosis specialist in regional departments of health.