At high temperatures, women in the position of contraindicated drugs such as <<Analginum>>, <<Aspirin>> and other complex drugs, such as <<Fervex>>, <<Coldrex>>, <<Antigrippin>>. They contain flavorings and preservatives that can cause allergic child. In addition, these medications often consist of aspirin, caffeine, and Pheniramine maleate. Generally, when the temperature is below 38 degrees, you should not take antipyretics, because fever is a defensive reaction of the body against various viruses and infections.
If the body temperature is above 38, it is possible to take <<Paracetamol>>, <<Panadol>>, <<Decided>> that they have antipyretic and analgesic action. Their reception is allowed at any stage of pregnancy small courses up to 3 days. Subject to acceptable standards of medication, no harmful effect on the child is not revealed. At one time the maximum you can take two pills a day these techniques should not be more than three.
Runny nose - an unpleasant companion of colds, but to alleviate their condition using vasoconstrictor nasal drops pregnant also not worth it. These include <<Naphazoline>>, <<Tizin>>, <<Nazol>>, <<Oxymetazoline>> and others. All due to the fact that during pregnancy they are much faster are addictive, often leading to overdose. At high doses, these drops have a negative impact on a child's heart that can cause cardiac activity of the baby in the future. The best effect in the treatment of runny nose gives a nasal wash with salt water, in the proportion of half a teaspoon of salt per 200 ml of warm water. The procedure should be performed at least 4 times a day. If the nose is clogged badly, but rinsing is not possible, then a good result will give the use of sprays with a strong solution of salt such as <<Aqua Maris strong> <<Dolfin>>.
When the cough is better to consult a doctor, because it can be caused by many reasons. Primarily for prevention and at the first sign of cough onset you need to follow mode: try not to breathe cold air, eating cold foods and drinks, do not walk barefoot, not to strain the vocal cords and to drink more warm liquids. In most cases this is enough to ease their condition, in the absence of temperature you can use mustard or capsicum plaster at night. Also effective steam inhalation with tea tree oil or eucalyptus.
If without medicines not to manage, you could use the syrup <<Coldrex broncho>>, <<Mucosolvan>> <<ACC>> (<<Fluimucil>>). The first of them contains no dyes or harmful impurities that is allowed for treatment during pregnancy and lactation, but its prolonged use is still not recommended. <<Mucosolvan>> can be used after the 12th week of pregnancy. <<ACC>> promotes liquefaction of sputum, it may at any time, during the reception, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids.
Sore throat could cause viral infection and bacteria. This can be pharyngitis, sore throat, tonsillitis, in any case, for an accurate diagnosis you should consult a doctor. Many drugs are forbidden to women in the situation. This includes all sprays, which include alcohol, for example, <<Forest>> or <<Stopangin>>. Also cannot be used to gargle with a tincture of calendula or propolis.
<<Chlorhexidine>> is this a safe drug, is not absorbed into the bloodstream, a well-deals with pharyngitis and tonsillitis. It is used as a solution to rinse without diluting. <<Miramistin>> is a clear solution for rinsing, not absorbed into the bloodstream and does not penetrate through the placenta. Used in pharyngitis and sore throat. Also needs no dilution. If severe sore throat can lubricate the tonsils with a solution <<Lugol's>>, it is composed of iodine, potassium iodide, and glycerine, which are not prohibited to use during pregnancy.
Lozenges for sore throat is prohibited to pregnant women. With the exception of just two drugs based on the enzyme lysozyme such as <<I have>> <<Laripront>> able to cure even severe sore throat. They can be used as 2 pieces up to 4 times a day.