Dairy products in the "Froot loops"

Dairy based "marshmallow Froot loops" are the skim milk and cream. We need to understand, cream have the best flavor and allow you to fill in the missing skim milk butterfat. All dairy products are recommended for use in children, because they are rich in nutrients. Skim milk is not more harmful than their fatty counterpart, unless treated with ultraviolet light. This manufacturer doesn't, but even if such processing is at least damage.

The cream is not recommended to give in too early an age, because they contain too much trudnoobogatimogo fat. But the fat content of fat hatred, this fact again is impossible to know in the case of "Rastishka". In addition, in the same Cup will surely be in fact a very small amount of cream. Thus, we can assume that the cream-like component, will be useful for the baby.

Others related to dairy products component of this cheese is a concentrate of milk proteins. It is a milk protein isolate. Useful milk protein for children? Definitely! Milk protein contains the set of all essential amino acids and are well absorbed by the body. Only dairy protein contains an important component called lactalbumin. Therefore, we can conclude that this component of the yogurt "Rastishka" is useful for children.

Sweet flavors

Negative moment can be considered as quite high sugar content in the curd. Ideally, it would be worthwhile to reduce the sugar content to a minimum. 15 grams of carbs per 100 g is a lot, considering that in 100 g pure milk products not more than 4 g of carbohydrates. If all the sweets of the child was limited to one Cup "marshmallow Froot loops" a day with sugar in its composition could not be considered. But probably not, almost all children eat a lot of sweets during the day. This time, you can recognize the downside of yogurt "Rastishka".

Filler fruit product includes fruit puree and juice, which doubt its usefulness is not called. Then again, sugar syrup, and a fructose addition. They cannot be called a benefit of the product. Natural dyes from fruits and vegetables as a component of a children's product is commendable. Additionally, fruit filling includes vitamin D, in children, the need for it increased. Corn starch component, neutral, not useful and not harmful.

In the composition of the cheese also has a cheese starter culture and the enzyme preparation. This suggests that the product is live lactic acid bacteria. It is also a positive thing, because these bacteria improve digestive health at any age. Without them, the milk product would have lost half its use. Because for children it is better to buy "live" dairy products, not "dead" terminated.

The conclusion that can be drawn about the yogurt "Rastishka", useful! But in the absence of abuse of child sweets.