Dress practical. First of all, your clothes for paintball must be one of those things that do not mind dirty. Despite the fact that used for paintball balls water based paint can easily be washed and are completely safe, after all you're going to move on the court for the game and can tear clothes or put on her clay, for example, spot. Wear old, but comfortable and durable jeans and the same jacket or sports clothing that won't constrict your movements.
Keep in mind that to put on peynbol need for the weather. Despite the fact that you will have to actively move and maybe you start to sweat, it is not necessary to dress too easy, especially for the game, which takes place in the cold season. Generally it is preferable to wear things that cover the maximum surface of your body – turtleneck sweater instead of t-shirts, jeans instead of shorts, and so on. The fact that getting a paintball ball in undisguised part of the human body is not a pleasant feeling, and even a single layer of fabric will help it to relax.
On your feet wear something comfortable, protected from slip sole and securely fixing your ankle. Suitable good high sneakers, Jogging sneakers or ankle boots. If a paintball tournament is held in winter, you should think about how to prevent getting snow in the shoes is awful, and even more unpleasant to continue playing in wet shoes.
Use preferably natural green, beige, grey and brown, and black colors in clothing for paintball. In a paintball club you can rent a camouflage coloring which allows the person wearing it to become less visible on the ground. If your head is worn, for example, bright orange hat, it's catchy spot of color will turn you into an easy target, and the further course of the game you will have to watch from the side.
Be sure to bring a spare set of clothes. Even if you don't plan on completing the game for a long time to share impressions about it, and would like to get home, in any case to go back to the city more pleasant in a clean and dry, not wet from rain and sweat and covered in dirt clothes. In addition, in many regions, from April to November there is a high activity of so-called pasture ticks that carry deadly disease. When changing you will be able to carefully look, and the clothes that participated in the game, it is better to pack in a sealed plastic bag and on arrival home – just to do Laundry. If it was mites, then wash using high-temperature water, they will die.