"Konfidor" is an insecticide to protect the plants from any kind of pests like sucking the juice of plants, and eating their stems, fruits, or foliage. And you can use it virtually in any weather conditions, and the effect from its application lasts for 30 days. This insecticide has a systemic action and copes with its task and in contact with the body of a pest, and when his eating pest, along with parts of plants and sucking the juice out of it.

The operation is based on the blocking of vital functions of insects, in particular on the deprivation of their ability to move and paralysis of their internal organs.

To protect their plants and who used "Konfidor"

The drug is recommended to be used for protection of vegetable crops and garden trees. "Konfidor" copes with the Colorado potato beetle, which is harmful to all plants of the family Solanaceae, not only potatoes, as is commonly believed. It is widely used to combat aphids, thrips and whitefly on cucumbers, tomatoes and cabbage. Effective drug in the control of insects living on pome fruit crops - grape leaf rollers, aphids and the Apple moth, the California thyroid. In addition, it can be applied to combat beetles-bark beetles and the so-called moth on fruit trees of all kinds.

How to prepare a solution "Confidor"

Before treatment of the plants the drug is diluted in water at room temperature. In the instructions for use "Confidor" describes in detail how to use the drug to combat these or other pests of plants and recommendations on its quantity on a certain amount of water. In some cases specify the specific dosage of the drug and the amount of water from 5 to 10 liters. Such recommendations are often not very clear and forced growers to guess, and sometimes to abandon effective means. In fact, it's very simple: the concentration of the drug depends on the number of insects and leaves on the plant. That is, the more pests present on the same plant or area, the more foliage on the stem, the higher must be the concentration of "Confidor".

Safety precautions when working with the solution "Confidor"

The drug has a third degree of danger for humans and animals, and use it sparingly. Before proceeding to the preparation of the solution and treatment of the site, it is necessary to wear protective equipment – rubber gloves and a respirator. In contact with insecticide on the skin or mucous membranes should immediately wash them under running water and seek medical help.

Do not spray the solution Confidor" near ponds and apiaries. The minimum distance to such facilities shall be not less than 2 kilometers. In addition, you cannot work with him if the wind speed is 10 m/sec.