The clutch unit of the car consists of the release bearing, master and slave drive. Moreover, the lead is called a basket. But he really looks like her, in a basket that fits the clutch disc mounted on the primary shaft of the gearbox. This two-disc clutch, it applies to all cars, as it is very simple and reliable. Reliability is far superior to the multi-plate, which is installed on the motor vehicles.

The clutch basket has some peculiarities. Inside it is a metal disk, to which during operation tight the clutch disc with lining. Around the hole, which is the input shaft of the gearbox, are the petals. Release bearing worn input shaft, pulls the petals to the side of the engine block, while the clutch disc out of engagement with the leading. In this moment there is clutch and can make shifting.

The purpose of the clutch

In the car the clutch is necessary to carry out the following actions:

- smooth pulling away;
- smooth gearshift.

If not for the clutch mechanism, from the place to start would be problematic, the car with the dash started. But using the clutch is a smooth connection of the gearbox to the engine, causing the car starts smoothly and without jerks.

The same can be said about the speed change during the movement. Of course, you can get used to a certain speed to activate it without disconnecting the clutch. But this is a risk that the gearbox will impact a large load, the gears will be subjected to shock, as a consequence – very fast wear of the mechanisms.

How to replace the clutch basket

The rear-wheel drive torque transmission from the box to the wheels is via a cardan shaft. On front-wheel – use the CV joints. This is the main difference which is available in cars. The clutch unit is still installed on the flywheel, between the transmission and the engine. So to replace the clutch basket will have to remove the transmission. But first you need to remove the drives from the wheels or the propeller shaft.

The engine is attached to the box by means of bolts that need to Unscrew. The box is fastened to the body with help of special pillows that will be required to make the repairs. You also need to remove the clutch cable, wires from the sensor in reverse gear, the speedometer cable, ground wire. Only then can you separate the box and engine. Do not forget that can be removed from gearbox front-wheel drive car both CV joints, otherwise the differential gears out of gear and have to disassemble the box.