The life of any plant starts with its planting and germination. Room carnation is propagated mainly by seeds. Before planting you need to pick up a flower pot with a diameter of 15 cm, the ground pre-sterilized, thus avoiding the occurrence of various diseases flower in the future. The seeds of the plant are immersed into the soil 2-3 mm. in order For these seeds have germinated, the soil should be well hydrated. The first shoots appear after 2-3 weeks after sowing.

In the place of growth of cloves room it is necessary to observe a certain temperature. The plant is not thermophilic, but not cold resistance. The optimum temperature for its successful existence and flowering from 15 to 24C. In cooler conditions the flower will simply not survive and will die in tropical – dry.

House plants in the apartment is made to keep on the window sill but easily passes through glass, the summer sun can also cause the death of clove. For normal growth of the plant is enough for 4-5 hours of bright, but not scorching sunlight. Can be set to the window in the early morning when there are no strong heat, and to remove into the room at lunch time. In any case it is impossible to make a pot of flower on the balcony.

Room carnation likes moisture, so water it is recommended a day or daily. It is best in this case to use a spray. Spraying nourishes the leaves of the flower, contributing to its growth. Not worth much to fill the plant with water, it can lead to rotting of its roots. For irrigation you can use unboiled drinking water. Water from the tap is best to let sit for 1-2 days, then start watering.

Carnation growing in a home requires regular fertilization with mineral fertilizers for houseplants. It is recommended to choose a fertilizer consisting of potassium is present. The product is used in accordance with instructions for use every 15 days.

The appearance on the leaves is not typical for healthy plants stains and rot indicates the defeat of the room clove insects – aphids or mealybugs. In order to spare the flower of parasites, you need to clean the leaves with soap and water, then spray with insecticide.

With proper care, potted carnation begins to bloom no later than four months from the time of sowing. The plant produces smooth thin stems, the end of which is formed a small bright flower. The flowering carnations are largely influenced by the temperature in the room and sunlight. Dried flowers and leaves regularly to remove.

Room carnation is considered an annual plant, therefore, does not require a transplant. In winter, the flower may experience a lack of sunlight, in such a case, the appropriate use of fitolampy.