What if the pills swallowed?

Every caring mother should know what to do if your child eats pills. And once a child caught at the crime scene, to collect emotions and not to scare the kid tantrums and screams. If the child knows how to talk, try to know what pills he used and how much.

Remember that if your child eats pills, whatever they were, good they will bring. Especially dangerous are psychotropic, heart pills, stimulants and tranquilizers. More harmless may be vitamins, activated carbon, antispasmodics.

Need to call an ambulance. Need gastric lavage using a probe, which itself is almost impossible to do without hurting the baby. Then collect the pills and put separately so that again the baby has not "enjoyed" them.

Procedure in case of poisoning

The child should be put to bed in the lateral position, so that if vomiting has not occurred choking on her own vomit. To expose the tank to the bed. Give plenty of drink, good to dilute the concentration of the drug and induce vomiting. Activated charcoal helps prevent absorption into the bloodstream. You need to give at the rate of 1 tablet on 10 kg of weight of the child. If there is enterosgel, smectite, they are also suitable.

As soon as the child ate a pill, can be celebrated usual playful mood, which only indicates that the drug hasn't kicked in. Sudden depression or hyperactivity requires a special relationship to the child.

Where to start

If possible you need to do a cleansing enema with warm water with dissolved in it with activated carbon. In any case, you cannot give the baby food, not to provoke the production of gastric juice. Otherwise, you may quickly go the absorption of the drug.

If the pill is hormonal, then do not worry. They do not act immediately, and this means that there is a time for cleansing of the intestines and the body from the drug. Also do not panic, for example, if the child has eaten Valerian tablets. They don't inflict high damage.

Neither would take the baby from medical tablets, an ambulance needs to call necessarily. And pills and first aid kit must be inaccessible to children. And it is necessary to remember strictly forbidden. To neglect such things is impossible.

Be vigilant, never leave your child unattended!

Health to you and your baby!