If you are an MTS subscriber, you can activate roaming in Moscow without personal treatment contract and passport to the salon or office operator. Dial on your phone dial *111*2192# and send the call to activate "international and national roaming". If you want to use the "international access", dial *111*2193# and press the call button. Or go to the website of MTS (, refer to the "web assistant" and connect roaming.
Please note: activation of this service in these ways will be available to you only if you are a subscriber of MTS for at least 12 months, and monthly Deposit or within six months had the balance of not less than 650 rubles, including VAT. All other subscribers can activate the roaming service only by contacting the office or the MTS communication or by activating the "service Light roaming and international access" in the "online assistant" or by dialing *111*2157# and send the call. However, before you can activate it, please refer to the website of the operator with a list of countries to which it applies.
If your phone is connected to MegaFon, in order to activate this service, you will have to contact any of the customer service centers with your passport and contract. Cost of minute of conversation in the National intra-network roaming (regardless of that is part of this call or outgoing) – 9 rubles. Outgoing calls in roaming in the CIS – 35 RUR/min, in the EEC countries, USA and Canada – 65 rubles per minute, in other countries – 105 rubles/minute. So count your expenses for telephone calls in advance, despite the fact that "MegaFon" is usually practicing the postpaid billing system and does not require a guarantee of payment.
If you are a subscriber of "Beeline", then you for the postpaid system for roaming will have to make a guarantee payment in the amount of 1500 rubles, and for prepaid is to have a balance of not less than 600 roubles at the moment of connection roaming. The service is automatically activated and deactivated when the balance of 300 rubles or less.