The first step to getting rid of the fear of death will be awareness of the problem. Awareness of the fear of death should lead people to perceive death as a natural end of life, as something mandatory and irreparable. This perception of death was necessary for a reasonable existence. After all, if people were not afraid of death, it would be much more victims of car accidents, desperate adventurers, reckless deeds and deaths of various household situations.
Another important aspect is the open expression of ideas. Need to discuss existing within fear with a friend, relative or a professional psychologist - anyone close with whom you can be yourself. So it is possible to identify the main causes of this fear and to choose rational ways of overcoming the current situation. If the reason of strong fear of death is the disease, you can chat with people who were able to overcome this disease, learn how they coped with fear, etc.
Then you can think about your life principles and beliefs. About the meaning of life and values think just at the thought of death, the finiteness of its existence. It is important that a person begins to realize that all material possessions or external features are nothing compared to the kindness, honesty, love, patience. The fear of death becomes less when the person realizes that after his death, friends and relatives will long keep in memory the memories of his most beautiful deeds, good deeds, strengths of character and accomplishments.
Many people, determining the presence of fear of death, do not understand that actually they are not afraid of death, and possible pain. However, there is an equal sign between pain and death is irrelevant. The dead feel no pain. Pain is a property of life. It is specially given to man in order to save his life, warning of various dangers. Besides, if a person before death, long suffering from illness, for his death is the deliverance from suffering that, in some ways, its positive aspect. Although relatives and friends of the deceased at first it is quite difficult to understand.
The optimism and sense of humor allow us to cope with many fears and difficult situations. Fear of death in this regard is no exception. It is proven that positive, cheerful people are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases, which are often the cause of death. Treated with humor, not only to life but to death. Not necessarily to become a fan of black Comedy, you can just remember the jokes about death (and quite a lot of them, their authors, too, had once overcome this fear) or to mentally add to her stereotyping in the cloak and with a scythe glamorous pink Slippers.
The main thing to remember when working with issues of death - she should not interfere with life. We have to live vividly, fully and wisely. Often meet nice people, relax in nature, sing songs around the campfire, share stories from school children or violent Institute of youth, walk in the evenings, dance in the rain, on a weekend leave in an unknown direction - the only way to understand and feel life in all its manifestations.