At critical moments, the following occurs. The fear, the vision of the real danger can paralyze the person at the most unexpected moment. And then in a situation when you need instant to act, he will not be able to do anything. When a person is scared, his nervous system reaches a high degree of activity. The individual may feel that it became difficult to breathe, heartbeat quickened and intensified.

Simultaneously with these signs of fear in humans may disrupt the work of the digestive organs. People who are often afraid and are in this stressful state for a long time, at risk of the disorder in the sexual sphere, insomnia and appetite disorders.

In moments of danger the individual mind becomes chaotic. A person loses the ability to think logically and adequately assess the situation. When the individual is scared, his brain sends one of the commands: to run or to freeze, to fight or to surrender. There are times when the signals are combined.

People can choose the script at a critical moment. However, to get out of the stupor and get a chance to take the most appropriate course of action, need to work on yourself.

First, we need to understand your own fear. When you lock onto a feeling, it will be easier to overcome. Now that you've caught yourself thinking that you are afraid, think about what you're afraid of. You need to focus on the situation and objectively evaluate it. The only way you can find the best solution and exit from the critical situation.

Some people find it difficult to think in moments of danger. To your body and mind betray you at the right time, you need to work on his mind. Think, is not peculiar to you increased anxiety.

People who feel causeless anxiety and unpleasant feelings, tend to experience intense fear. Therefore, watch your thoughts, try to focus on the positive, lift yourself up.

In addition, it is important to learn to Express their feelings and not suppress emotions. Otherwise, at the critical moment you will be in a stupor. It is also important to develop the habit to work in any situations that, for whatever reason you are not satisfied.

Passive people who are accustomed to experience, to reflect, to remember the worst moments of your past, but do nothing to improve their present and future, tend to occupy a disadvantageous position in the dangerous moment.