Classification of types

Pears are early, mid and late. On the strength of growth trees are classified into strong, medium and poor growth. Pear differs from the tree more talyubittu, svetlovato, less winter hardiness and sameasproject. But it is more drought resistant than Apple. In high moisture soils require only very young trees.

To pear is guaranteed to bear fruit, it would be necessary to plant at least two pear trees of different varieties that bloom at the same time. It's for the best – if you plant early and late varieties, you can have pears all summer and autumn, eat their fruits fresh, canned and put on winter storage.

Grades for the suburbs

Pear specifically zoned for the Northern areas of the Moscow region, are resistant to frost down to-38оС. The most resistant to frost are varieties Bessemyanka" (late) and "Tonchovata" (early). The first fruits ripen in the summer, second in autumn. They are excellent pollinators for each other, so in Northern areas of Moscow suburbs it is good to plant these two varieties on the same plot.

For other areas of Moscow region also there are specially bred varieties.

Be stored all winter can only winter varieties:
– "Ilya Muromets";
"Belarusian late".

Autumn even in the most appropriate repository will stay high until the New year:
– "Memory Yakovlev";
– "The Muscovite";
– "Belief Moscow";
– "Velez";
– "Thumbelina";
– "True";
– "Autumn Suslov";
– "Fancy Efimova";
"Beauty Chernenko".

Early summer varieties:
– "Children's";
– "Prominent";
– "Skorospelka from Michurinsk";
– "Marble";
– Dessert rossoshanskaya;
– "Peter";
– "Rogneda";

Planting pear

Pear trees in the suburbs is better to plant in the spring, not later than the last week of April, as young trees planted in autumn will not have time to get stronger over the winter and may spring to freeze.

Vysokoskorostnye varieties can be planted in autumn from September to mid-October. After planting, tree trunks must be mulch layer of 10 cm, to protect the root system of young seedlings from freezing.

All the varieties bred for the Moscow region, will produce fruit every year (unlike apples, which can give harvest only once in two or even three years). The number of fruit – from pears grown you can collect from 80 to 110 kg.

In taste of all these varieties the best are "Thumbelina", "Chizhevskaya", "Harmony", "Veles", "the Belarusian late".