First, you need to be examined by an ophthalmologist. A professional will diagnose, determine, what deviations from the normal view you have, and write out a prescription for those glasses that most accurately correct your vision.
Depending on what your habits and occupation, the same doctor will advise you lens coating and filters which will fit you the most.
With the help of computer diagnostics, you will choose the lenses and the rims that will suit you aesthetically.
The frame itself has 4 characteristics that you must consider when choosing.
The width of the bridge, the length of temples, width of the spectacle of the opening and the width of the rim. The sizes are usually indicated on the inside of the earhook. Typically, there are three figures. The first indicates the width of the opening. Further, after the dash or square icon, go to the bridge width and length of the headphones. You can measure your options and choose the frame with them. To do this you need to measure the parameters of the old glasses. If you are buying glasses for the first time, it is best to select helping you professional.
To determine the width of the face looking in the mirror, hold a ruler. For each ear to attach the pencils, they are the start and end points of measurement. Now, choosing a frame, keep in mind that the width should not be different from the width of your face more than 2 – 3 mm. Manufacturers frame width, as a rule, not indicated. But you can order eyeglasses over the Internet. And this size will be useful in case you are not able to try on the glasses.
The first value on the arc indicates the width of the opening frame. It is necessary for the proper selection of lenses. Focus on it when buying glasses. Note that in this case there are fluctuations in the amount of up to 5 mm.
The second magnitude or the width of the bridge is the distance between the eyes. You recognize her when you visit your optometrist. When selecting eyeglasses please note that the allowable deviation in the width of the bridge is not more than 1 mm.
The headphones find out the length by measuring the length of the temples old glasses. Measure the distance from the hinge to the end of the temples. The possible difference of 5 mm.
When choosing a frame, note that the arms do not squeeze the side of the head. And be sure to check the mobility nosophoros. They don't have to be tough and put pressure on the nose.