AVTOVAZ factory no longer produces cars VAZ-2107, it was replaced on the conveyor Lada Granta. Although the demand for this car, even now very large. The issue of the value "seven" is of concern to many. The latest price of this model of Lada was about 219 thousand rubles, it is possible that its value fell slightly in view of the fact that the plant AVTOVAZ sells the remaining machines.

New car

VAZ-2107 is a rear wheel drive car sedan. Very convenient model. The front seats are made taking into account anatomic features of a person. The machine has an upgraded instrument panel.

The car, compared to its previous models, it offers the utmost. Machine retains the functionality and practicality. The engine has good dynamics both on the track and the car movement on the road. AvtoVAZ has released different versions of the salon, "standard", "Norma" and "Lux".

What is the price of a relatively new car VAZ-2107? Officially, the factory AVTOVAZ sold the brand new car two modifications, their price was different depending on engine type. Lada, which had the Euro-3 standard, cost of 207 thousand rubles, and those that had the engine of Euro-4 standard, already 214 thousand.


The price of the car will depend on year and mileage. The cheapest cars are the 1984. They cost about 12 thousand R. VAZ-2107, released in 1990 will cost about 30 thousand rubles, Lada this brand 1995 – from 33 to 40 thousand. car of the early 2000-ies will cost in the range of from 45 to 80 $ depending on condition. VAZ-2107, released not so long ago, just before the end of the release line, maybe in different ways-from 83 to 155 thousand rubles and above.

The cost of VAZ-2107 will depend on the configuration. The plant can be ordered, for example, a radio with speakers or alloy wheels with tinted rear Windows. Such a set can cost up to 12 thousand. it is Recommended that after acquiring brand new cars without mileage to conduct anti-corrosion treatment of the body, because domestic cars the metal is not of the best quality.

The experience of seasoned drivers confirms that traces of rust with careful operation of the machine might not show up even after 10 or more years. Importantly, domestic car was stored in a warm and dry garage.