The notochord is an extra formation of connective tissue. The tumor is attached to the wall of the partition located between the ventricles, or directly to the walls of the ventricle. This files most often about the chord formed in the left ventricle and are most of the adult population. Usually located in the middle of education, but they are apical, and basal. In the direction of the chord distinguish between transverse, diagonal and longitudinal.
Chords can be single or multiple. To detect the presence of false chords listening is impossible, since they do not affect the tone of the heart. Usually find them at the cardiology examination and diagnosed according to the testimony of echocardiography. In good physical condition of the person about chords do not cause discomfort and painful sensations. However, examination of the heart it is necessary to inform about their presence, as the chord "noise" and, therefore, can prevent to hear abnormal noises.
If you increase physical exertion and the presence of many false chords quickens the heart rhythm that can cause a visit to the doctor. In case you have more chords people must be under the supervision of a cardiologist and to undergo regular check on the ECHO control.
People diagnosed with false chords are exempt from military service, they also contraindicated in professional sport, they put themselves at risk while scuba diving, or skydiving. A person who has a false chord in the heart, must lead a healthy lifestyle, to avoid heavy physical exertion.
Among newborn babies quite often diagnose the presence of false chords. The treatment itself is not, however, for a child up to 6 months, establish patronage, and a year and a half, it observes a cardiologist, in the absence of other abnormalities, the child is considered healthy. Control tests are held in years 3 and 7 years before kindergarten and school, in order to determine group health.
To panic due to the presence of chords in a child's heart need not, over the years, this body is growing, and the chord shifted so that they are aware, it is almost impossible to diagnose.
It is believed that the reason for the formation of chords – heredity, passed on from mother to child. The first sign of the presence of the chord is the low endurance of a relatively healthy person, a way of dealing one moderate exercise and a balanced diet.