Select extraordinary appearance

To change the appearance is an easy way to stand out from the crowd. You've always wanted to dye my hair red or pierce the eyebrow? Go for it. An unusual way to stand out could be the original tattoo - think about its design and symbolism. Only approach the issue responsibly and choose good artists to change their appearance in order not to look ridiculous and tasteless.

Good help can be and clothes - develop your own style and complement it with lots of suitable accessories. Extraordinary personalities often wear the clothes in ethnic style - it has an unusual cut and bright prints.
Choose the changes you like. Then you will be comfortable in a new image.

Find unusual hobby

Nobody will be surprised if you take up knitting, stamp collecting or design. However, in the world there are many unusual hobby. Try yourself in the role of a master Formica playing with fire, extreme-jumper or acrobat-base jumper. By the way, even among seemingly normal Hobbies, you can find a highlight. For example, you can learn an unusual foreign language - Latin or Greek. And in addition to the usual Boxing, karate and judo, there are types of martial arts like, Damba, Silat and ledit.

Take creativity

A creative person always extraordinary. Think maybe as a child you loved to draw or write poetry. It's never too late to discover a hidden talent. Sign up for special courses or become a self-taught master with own style. But remember - even the abstract painters studied the basics of painting, so a bit of theory does not hurt. The most difficult is to develop their own individual style, it needs a lot of work and not be afraid to experiment.
Many legendary creators were not recognized during the whole life, so pay no attention to the attacks of enemies.

Do good

Unfortunately, in today's world everyone is so concerned about themselves that participation in the destiny of others automatically makes you extraordinary. Join a volunteer organization or a search party of his district, do some charity, sacrifice part of their salary to the Fund, arrange for the animal shelter. Doing good and helping people, you not only make the world warmer, but also become a really extraordinary man.