Manipulators use in your Arsenal of various techniques to achieve their goal. While the methods may be quite different from disarming smiles and clapping cilia to health complaints due to the failure of their desires. And the closer people are to each other, the harder it is to resist such manipulation.

Psychologists are confident to get along with a mouse quite difficult. After all, he knows your weaknesses and always puts pressure on them to succeed. Close people, naturally, know these points better than anyone and skillfully use this knowledge in your Arsenal.

To recognize the manipulator is not so difficult. First, in fellowship with him you feel wrong. Always. The manipulator is sure that he is always right. Usually this sin parents, self-righteous not even 100, but 200, and even 500%. They firmly know that you are not independently able to make decisions, to the extent that you will not be able to pick out socks to sports costume. Men also like to regularly show his superiority and to emphasize that they know everything better than their ladies.

Second, you are constantly under stress. You may not be aware that spending the evening with her husband the two of you always fight. Manipulator is constantly trying to pull you strings. Wine, some wrong - and he is sure you about them, let me remind you that on this background to show you how wonderful he is. Wife also this sin, trying to prove to his wife that they are better. Thus in the course are even the things that are prohibited - hints or even explicit recognition of the fact that the man in bed bad, compared to others, etc.

Third, you feel that you fall into the dependence of the manipulator. Sooner or later comes the realization that he may be right, and you do have a lot of flaws that are just awful and interfere with life all around you. Resulting in a new relation to the manipulator - full obedience to him.

Against this background, victims of plummeting self esteem. The flaws grow and become more and more, until swell to maximum possible size. For manipulator is the most opportune moment, because he can now roll over you, whatever.

If you find that you are living with a manipulator is not necessary to cut heat of the moment. Because to live is possible and so if it is manipulation, of course, do not go beyond acceptable and become the real bullying. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the next partner will be different. Same with parents and children to part does not work, so you have to act.

To act with manipulator have its own methods. This from you, he won't expect it. You blame the manipulator is meaningless, because in your actions he will see and know that you can just as well put a counter claim him. If he still tries to bring the situation under control, it is possible to make an innocent face and ask: "what's wrong?".

You should be prepared for the fact that at first it will be quite difficult. Because you have become accustomed to a certain manner of behavior, plus cultivated flaws do not let you live in peace. But you'll have to gather strength.

Definitely need to become self-sufficient personality. After all, only so it can resist manipulation. To command and to impose something to a man, confident in himself, it is impossible.