Wormwood is a wonderful medicine, able to heal and support the many ailments that beset the human body. There is a huge range of wormwood: about 400 species, of which only 170 grows in Russia. This plant is almost universal. Infusions and decoctions are famous all over the world.


Wormwood has a strong bitter taste and strong odor, which contributes to increased appetite and нормализуtт digestion, the decoction of the herb is often prescribed for patients suffering from colitis and nesvarenie.

The plant is a good analgesic and anti-inflammatory, it alleviates the symptoms of such diseases as asthma, rheumatism, gastritis, ulcers of the stomach and helps improve liver and kidney. Infusions of sage is useful for:

- anemia,

- anemia,


- epilepsy,

- convulsions,

- the paralysis,

- fainting,

- heartburn,

- relieves insomnia, headaches, promotes the normalization of weight, and swelling.

Wormwood helps against tuberculosis, will help to get rid of it and alcoholism. Famous and various compresses decoction of this plant, well relieves pain in the joints and bruises. Wormwood prepared a wonderful ointment that is a great cure for different burns and ulcers.

Therefore, wormwood is a real gift to people and the natural environment. It is difficult to find a more universal folk remedies, helping out practically at all diseases. Therefore, gardeners in their plots often grow this useful plant.

Harvesting root of wormwood

First, you need to know that the main cure is an herb of wormwood. Collect grass you need in the midst of its flowering. In any case it is impossible to pull from her collection, as when it is drying it will become much darker color and the carts themselves just fall apart. Dried tarragon for about 15 days in good weather only need 7 days. Drying should take place in a dark room, for this, you choose the attic.

When dried mugwort placed salaami 3-5 cm, and as soon as you notice that it started to dry, you need to move on. When the drying is over, the wormwood assembled and ready to use.