Advice 1: How to increase the power of laser pointers

Many of us as children wanted to have a real laser. We bought a laser pointer, but they were not at all similar to a powerful Jedi swords. Cheap laser with a bunch of nozzles don't burn plastic or paper and not a shining day for hundreds of meters. However, time has passed and now you can own hands to fulfill a childhood dream into reality.
How to increase the power of laser pointers
Disassemble the DVD drive (you can take an old, but working) To do this, remove the cover and expose the control Board. Turn the actuator, remove the aluminum cover, and remove the screws. Disconnect the cables and remove the diodes and optics take protection. Remove the diode cool down, and tie his feet with wire and solder them to the capacitor. Remove it from the drive.
Basic solder the driver from the battery from the mobile phone or three batteries, the button and the resistor. The resistance of the resistor for a 16X drive will be approximately 2 Ohms. You can buy or find on the PCB of the drive. You will also need a capacitor of 100 nF, which also can be found on the Board of the actuator (the round orange circuits figure 104).
Use a laser pointer in the quality of the optics. The beam will 5mm in diameter. That's a lot. But it was the nozzle. Good native optics of the drive, but with her own problems, because due to the small focal length, it will be difficult to adjust the focus. But with a successful outcome you will receive a beam with a diameter of 1 mm.
If the optics drive didn't work out, pick up for optics lens, which will help to convert the light flux into a parallel beam of desired diameter. Install the lens so that the laser diode was on the focal length of this lens, otherwise the result will be.
Note that the basic driver of your pointers will not stabilize the current, but only its limit, therefore, the laser will turn into a flashlight. Razrezhennoi than the battery, the dimmer the light. But it is difficult to determine when the batteries are going to sit down, because the pointer on the eyes always bright. So as soon as she stops melting packages, it is time to put it to recharge. This is a relatively small drawback with such a basic "stuffing" the driver.

Advice 2: How to disassemble a laser pointer

It is believed that a conventional inexpensive laser pointer sold at the Newsstand, has a sealed design. However, when using special techniques it is amenable to disassembly without damage.
How to disassemble a laser pointer
Dress in clothes and shoes, can accumulate electrostatic charge. Then briefly touch the radiator. This way you will prevent damage to the laser diode by static electricity.
Remove the cover from the pointer and remove the battery. Fold them so that they do not touch each other.
Remove from the device insulating cylinder of film. Save it.
Remove the pointer from the nozzle and set it aside.
Ratibora measure the parameters available in the emitter pointer external thread on which is screwed a nozzle. If you have no ratibora, just try all the available nuts of a similar size, until you find the one that is screwed on this thread.
Wrap the instrument several layers of fabric. Lightly, so as not to deform the casing, hold the wrapped pointer in the vise thread up.
Screw on the thread nut. Then, using pliers, keep piling it on. Hold the pliers and the nut smoothly, avoiding bias. Gradually the radiator out of the case and will remain on the nut.
Remove the nut from the radiator. Now you can close the button (but not the resistor!) and submit to emitter voltage of the order of 4 In three large series-connected batteries AA or AAA via an additional resistor of about 100 Ohms and a large, comfortable switch. Pre-parallel to the laser diode, connect a capacitor with a capacitance of about 0.01 UF.Brightness pointer remains the same, but the cost of batteries will drop significantly.
Measure the current through a pointer. It should not exceed 35 mA. If necessary, adjust the value of the resistor. Connect and disconnect the milliammeter or equivalent instrument combined exercise with the power disconnected. Remember also about the need to protect laser from static electricity.
If a laser diode is unpackaged, exercise when working with the radiator special care not to brush it off.
Under no circumstances do not point the laser beam at eyes, people, vehicles and Pets.
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