Disassemble the DVD drive (you can take an old, but working) To do this, remove the cover and expose the control Board. Turn the actuator, remove the aluminum cover, and remove the screws. Disconnect the cables and remove the diodes and optics take protection. Remove the diode cool down, and tie his feet with wire and solder them to the capacitor. Remove it from the drive.
Basic solder the driver from the battery from the mobile phone or three batteries, the button and the resistor. The resistance of the resistor for a 16X drive will be approximately 2 Ohms. You can buy or find on the PCB of the drive. You will also need a capacitor of 100 nF, which also can be found on the Board of the actuator (the round orange circuits figure 104).
Use a laser pointer in the quality of the optics. The beam will 5mm in diameter. That's a lot. But it was the nozzle. Good native optics of the drive, but with her own problems, because due to the small focal length, it will be difficult to adjust the focus. But with a successful outcome you will receive a beam with a diameter of 1 mm.
If the optics drive didn't work out, pick up for optics lens, which will help to convert the light flux into a parallel beam of desired diameter. Install the lens so that the laser diode was on the focal length of this lens, otherwise the result will be.
Note that the basic driver of your pointers will not stabilize the current, but only its limit, therefore, the laser will turn into a flashlight. Razrezhennoi than the battery, the dimmer the light. But it is difficult to determine when the batteries are going to sit down, because the pointer on the eyes always bright. So as soon as she stops melting packages, it is time to put it to recharge. This is a relatively small drawback with such a basic "stuffing" the driver.