Advice 1: How to make a cd drive laser

What kid has not dreamed in childhood to have a real combat laser, incinerating imaginary enemies in the distance? Time does not stand still. And although the kids have grown up, and imagined enemies ceased to exist, today it is possible to make a cddrive laser. The same. Real and combat.
How to make a cd drive laser
The first thing you need to do is to disassemble the burner CD-RW, DVD, or BLU-RAY drive. To make a cddrive laser is also possible, but have all the desired properties, he will not. In addition, it will not be visible, since the lasers of cd drives infrared radiation. Other home appliances laserof sufficient power s no.
Unscrew all the screws from the drive, then remove the top cover, locate and remove the diode. Since the construction of the actuators are different, examine the location in advance. The diode looks like a combined two small cylinders of different diameter. If you look at it sideways, it looks like schematically illustrates a hat. It has three contacts. To make the drive laser, you will need top – plus and average – minus. The bottom can be removed or folded. The efficiency of the diode test with two AA size batteries. The most important thing during the entire operation and further use the laserand not to Shine in eyes in any case. Otherwise, you can lose vision.
As the external packaging of the laserand the Chinese are great pointers. Disassembled it, put the diode from the drive. The only improvement you need is to connect the behest of two penlight batteries. Also as for the case, you can use a small flashlight and set his lasertion diode instead of a reflector. Such a laser can light matches, burn paper and leave marks on the plastic.
The most important thing during the whole procedure and the further use of the laser not to Shine in eyes in any case. Otherwise, you can lose vision.

Advice 2 : How to make from the drive laser

The laser can have a very different purpose. It can serve as a pointer, cutter, element of combat equipment, etc. similarly, the laser can be done with ordinary objects that we constantly meet in daily life. One of them is drive PC.
How to make from the drive laser
Disassemble a CD, DVD or Blue Ray drive of your personal computer to make the laser. Note that the drive must be in writing, otherwise the resulting laser will not only possess the desired properties, but it simply will not be seen as an ordinary drive has infrared.
Take a Phillips-head screwdriver. Unscrew all the screws on the surface of the actuator. Then remove the top cover of the housing. Find the details of the diode to drive the laser. Typically a diode consists of two small overlapping of the cylinder. Take the soldering iron and gently wipaire three pins of the diode, so as not to damage it. To make the laser from the drive, you need two contacts: average (negative) and the upper (plus). Lower contact remove completely or bend so that you do not interfere.
Test the diode. To do this, take two batteries and connect them to the pins of the diode in accordance with the marking. Note that in any case it is impossible to Shine a diode in the eye. This is definitely bad for your vision.
Pick up a case for the future of the laser. In these purposes it is possible to use a Chinese laser pointer or small flashlight. Regarding the first option, the housing will need improvement, since operation of your laser will need at least 2 batteries. As for the flashlight, the diode can be used instead of the reflector. Connect the pins and we can assume that the laser is ready.
Further, when using the laser, be careful because it can not only Shine on the big distance, but also easily burns paper, lights a match and leaves a deep burn marks on the plastic. Direct it to the skin and especially the eyes.
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