Of course, one such piece of application is not easy to find, but possible. For example, if you are sewing, it can be used instead of tailor's chalk: on a dark cloth it leaves a clear fine white mark, which will disappear after washing – very convenient!
If you have accumulated a fairly large number of remnants, they can be used for its intended purpose, i.e. as a soap. So, can I get a new nylon imprint, tightly fill it with remnants and sew. This device is used as an ordinary household soap: it is foam, it is convenient, for example, prewash items requiring delicate care.
If you put accumulated you have pieces of soap in a container with a spout, and then pour a little warm water – you'll have liquid soap for washing hands or for household needs. You only have to wait a while until the soap is completely dissolved in the water. When this happens, you can add more water if you think that liquid soap is too thick.
If you use expensive soap factory-made or handmade soap, it is possible, having collected quite a large number of remnants of such a product, try to digest them. As a result, many small remnants will be one or more full pieces of soap.
Grate the bars of soap on a regular grater. Place soap flakes into a form that will be the basis for your future bar. For this purpose, any suitable fairly deep glass or plastic container (a container of yogurt, mold, even a fairly large block of type designer, LEGO). Before you fill the form, lubricate it with a thin layer of cosmetic or simply vegetable oil so the finished soap will be easier to get.
If you are using a hard soap manufacturing, can be added in the form of a little milk – soap shavings so it would be better to dissolve.
Also optional in new soap add a few drops of essential oil, crushed plant material, the juice of berries and fruits and so If you add a little ground coffee, cinnamon powder or ground almond bone, you get a soap scrub. In short, at this stage of the soap making it is possible to show imagination and to give the future product new and useful properties.
Place a container with soap in a water bath, close the pot with water, cover and wait a few minutes. Usually a quarter of an hour soap flakes dissolved, and remains in the form of a homogeneous dense mass, resembling a jam.
Now a new soap must be cooled down. Place the mold with the soap mass in a cold place. After a few hours your soap will thicken and will get the usual solid consistency. It can be used for its intended purpose!