That the child sweats in most cases is completely normal. All mums aware of the obvious fact that the mechanisms of regulation of body temperature in newborns is imperfect. The metabolism they have is very intense, causing the generation of considerable heat. The kid's body must somehow get rid of this heat. He can do it in two ways – through the skin and lungs. The body of the baby secretes sweat, which the baby loses water and salts, the reserves of which in neonates is very low. That is why it is so important to try not to overheat the baby. Excretory and thermoregulatory functions are installed by 3-4 months of a child's life when the maturation of the nerve centers. And before that age overheating or overcooling is possible even with minimal changes in temperature.When the room or outside is hot, try to be especially attentive to your baby. At the slightest overheating he starts to sweat, the folds under the arms, knees, butt and groin have redness rash. Even with a small shortage of liquid released then, essentially, all systems and organs of the baby. So the little less sweating, try on a dream dress it easy, change the duvet to a lighter. Too soft mattress can also cause sweating. Avoid synthetic clothes and bedding with the inclusion of artificial materials. Keep the temperature in the room where the sleeping baby, at +18-20 degrees. On the walk follow the state of crumbs: if sweaty neck, and the baby can't sleep in the stroller, he's probably hot.Excessive sweating can sometimes be a sign of rickets in infants. To prevent provide little supplementation with vitamin D. In any case, consult your pediatrician to rule out more serious cases: heart issues etc.