The use of UHF-therapy

This kind of physical therapy activates the immune system, stimulates the protective functions and helps to restore damaged tissue at the cellular level. The electromagnetic field creates a kind of cocoon around the affected organ and removes signs of inflammation of any localization.

Electromagnetic waves penetrate deep into the human body, improve blood circulation and lymphoablative. UHF prescribed in the early stages of treatment as a secondary method, and also in the final stages of diseases such as ENT. The warm influence of UHF is able to remove the residual effects of the disease and prevention of recurrence.

UHF prescribed to patients with angina, bronchitis, laryngitis and tonsillitis, otitis, sinusitis, and other viral and colds. Due to the high power electromagnetic field, UHF is actively used for the treatment of neuritis and neurosis. Already after the first procedures the patients feel better, relax, calm down.

Electromagnetic radiation normalizes metabolism, which is very important to treat more complex and severe diseases of internal organs: cholecystitis, pancreatitis, abscesses, colitis, adnexitis. UHF has a positive effect on bone tissue and is therefore used for the treatment of patients with osteochondrosis. Electromagnetic waves penetrate deeply into the bone, improve microcirculation and regulate local metabolism. Depending on the condition of the patient using 5 or 7 treatments, and in more rare cases, up to 15 procedures.

Harm UHF-therapy and contraindications

Physical therapy, as well as any other treatments that may become dangerous to human life. Monitor the temperature between the plates in order to prevent them from overheating. It is very important for patients with purulent otitis media or sinusitis, since the heating portion of the patient can cause the progression of the disease and its transition into a severe form. Often, patients poorly tolerate the procedure UHF, they may have a fever and can worsen the General condition. In this case treatment is stopped until the reasons.

UHF-therapy is restricted to individuals with a pacemaker or implants, pregnant women and cancer patients. Not recommended this procedure to women in history that have uterine fibroids or breast. With care provide treatment to individuals with hyperthyroidism or diseases of the blood.

The direction of the UHF treatment gives only a specialist taking into account the clinical picture of the disease. To achieve maximum effect from this treatment can only be through a combined therapeutic approach.